16 Aug 2018

L&L turns 40: The essence of smart labels

A look into the market for RFID in the late 20th Century

09 Aug 2018

L&L turns 40: Flexo on the rise

This feature from 1998 looks at the rise of flexo and where it was headed

03 Aug 2018

The battle for beer

In craft beer, the battle for customers is fought and won at store shelves

02 Aug 2018

L&L turns 40: Labelexpo USA 98 preview

As the 2018 edition nears, we preview Labelexpo Americas as it was in 1998

01 Aug 2018

L&L turns 40: Electronics change labels

Mike Fairley predicts the next 10 years after the first decade of L&L

01 Aug 2018

Liner recycling: dispelling the myths

Why do many in the industry still think release liner cannot be recycled?

01 Aug 2018

Eliminating waste from liners

The supply chain is working to improve the recycling of release liners.

31 Jul 2018

Sri Lankan printer continues growth trajectory

Flexiprint continues to invest to increase domestic share and exports

31 Jul 2018

Indian industry discusses anti-counterfeiting

Brand owners, suppliers and printers discuss ways to combat the problem