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  • 26 Feb 2019

Kezzler targets six billion connected products in 2019

Kezzler targets six billion connected products in 2019

Kezzler, a specialist in serialization technologies, has recorded over half a million consumer interactions during a 24-hour period as it targets over six billion products in 2019 to carry unique Kezzler codes worldwide.

The figures are collated across multiple campaigns, and Kezzler CEO Christine Akselsen stated: ‘This remarkable achievement is the product of 16 years pioneering innovation in the industry with the objective of delivering solutions to real world problems such as counterfeit goods and unauthorized distribution, changing regulatory requirements and the need to build consumer trust.

‘Kezzler meets these challenges by digitalizing billions of individual products in the supply chain. Our focus remains on achieving this in a way that promises high flexibility and scalability with low operational burden. In this way we can support our mission to build a world of authentic, transparent and connected products.’

Kezzler CTO Johan Borg commented: ‘We have recorded half a million end consumers interacting with our solutions every day, peaking above 1,800 API calls per minute or 100,000 per hour. These latest figures are further proof of the impact of our solutions and, critically, their ability to function well even when dealing with high volumes.

‘Interactions consist of consumers scanning a product with their phone in order to validate its authenticity, or to find out more information about a product and its contents. Depending on the project and the brand, scans can also offer more complex functionality, for example the ability to link a product to specific images and videos to be shared with friends and family, or provide a way for brands to have further dialogue with their customers, offer discounts and elevate the product experience.’

Kezzler’s technology is used to give every item a unique, secure and traceable identity. Its patented, innovative and scalable options are deployed by global brands worldwide in multiple industries including fast moving consumer goods, food and beverage, agriculture, luxury, industrial and pharmaceuticals.

Brands that have deployed Kezzler’s technology to date range from Reckitt Benckiser and Pfizer Viagra in Asia to Mondelēz Toblerone in Europe and Honeywell in the US. Kezzler codes can be embedded into QR codes, NFC or other labels and placed on the product. Brands can also opt to pre-serialize their products, for example through Kezzler’s joint offering with global packaging leader Amcor Group, MaXQ. With MaXQ a unique code is integrated into the product packaging that can simply be activated at a later stage via the cloud.

The codes can be applied to products for the purposes of brand protection, supply chain visibility, consumer engagement or a combination of all three.


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