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  • 27 Jul 2012

Papyrus Switzerland adds MDV’s synthetic substrate to portfolio

Papyrus, a paper supplier based in Switzerland, has added MDV’s Robuskin product to its assortment of synthetic printing substrates.

Film substrates, which include polyolefin (e.g. PE, PP, or XTP – an in-house development of MDV), polyester and PVC are the basis of Robuskin, coated by MDV with a functional layer. This allows Robuskin to be printed using all traditional processes as well as digital toner-based printing equipment. Special film inks are not necessary.

Robuskin has been developed for use in harsh mechanical environments and is said to be extremely weather resistant. Consequently, the substrate has a high tensile strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability and resistance against humidity, oil and fuels. It is used to produce maintenance manuals, identity cards, tags and labels, road and sea maps, reports, charts and more.

Papyrus Switzerland can deliver Robuskin in the qualities PET and XTP in four different grammages/calipers, and in A4 and SRA3 formats.

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