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Stand alone or integrated in a fully automatic line, Bandall equipment bands perfectly and guarantees accurately squared and firm bundles of labels. With an excellent reputation stretching more than 25 years, Bandall is the name associated with damage-free bundling of all types of labels.  Bandall equipment is in use in label and in-mould label producing companies worldwide, banding fully automatically directly from cutting machines and die-cutting equipment.  The unique technique of transporting banding material around the product is the key to success.  An optional sensory system ensures that ad hoc feeding of a variety of shapes and sizes of labels can be processed flawlessly.  Also multiple bands per stack, to size.  Whether in line or a stand-alone mobile model, Bandall equipment will always guarantee perfect and damage-free bundles, and immaculate squared stacks of labels.  For example;

  • Straight sided labels
  • Die-cut labels
  • In-mould labels
  • Very small labels
  • Tax labels

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