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The Check-Line® QB-LED provides the highest light output in its class. Designed for machinery observation, visual inspection and motion analysis, its robust design and rugged aluminum housing are ideal for the toughest industrial environments. The QB-LED is extremely easy-to-use. It features a simple menu structure for accessing common and special functions. Operator controls are conviently located on the back panel. Applications: Motion and vibration analysis, balancing of rotating shafts, fans, cams, high speed motion analysis of speakers or ink-jet printing and more. The QB-LED is ideal for use in the textile, paper making, sheet metal production, automotive and printing industries.

Features include:

• 40 LEDs (5 x 8 matrix) produce 5000 LUX Peak Brightness • Flash range of 30 – 300,000 FPM (0.5-5000 Hz). • Selectable units: FPM (Flashes Per Minute), Hz, or 1/MIN. • Slow Motion Mode allows user to offset the fl ash rate to put the frozen image into apparent slow-motion • PRO Mode adds functions including Multiplier, Delay and Memory (5 user-set values) • Standard features include Phase Shift and Internal/External Trigger. • Built-in Litium-Ion battery provides up to seven hours of continuous operation on a single charge. • Universal battery charger can provide contuous power for fi xed-mounted use. • Adjustable fl ash duration allows optimal brightness and image sharpness for every application. • Traceable Calibration Certifi cate. • Ergonomically designed handle, convenient operator controls and backlit LCD display.


Webpage: https://www.checkline.com/stroboscopes/qb-led

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