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The OmniCure AC9225-F UV LED curing system is designed specifically for fiber curing applications and features a 10-15mm focal distance from the protective window. With advanced front-end optics for optimal delivery of UV onto the fiber, the OmniCure AC9225-F provides high power and delivers a high peak irradiance of up to 20W/cm2. With its high output and efficiency, OmniCure AC9225-F minimizes power consumption and offers up to 50% energy savings compared with traditional arc lamp systems, for exceptional cost savings with no compromises in line speed. The fiber curing system utilizes a patented LED control technology delivering exceptional uniformity at different working distances for maximum flexibility.

Featuring a replaceable outer window assembly for added protection and ease of maintenance, the AC9225-F boasts over 40,000 hours of LED lifetime. Designed with a scalable architecture, multiple UV LED heads can be adjoined to achieve larger curing areas without compromising optical uniformity and to further improve productivity and production speeds.


Excelitas Technologies Corp.