When products contain high value material content they present an attractive target to counterfeiters
Security labels and packaging play an important part in protecting brands and us from risk
Rapid change in the label industry is causing market to react
Label converters have always shown ingenuity to solve specific end-user problems. Recent label innovations are explored
Often unseen to most consumers, this market is a large end use sector and one of the most profitable
For all the various products in this category, a wide range of materials is used, and many have to perform in harsh environments
Worldwide revenues from pharmaceuticals are estimated at around 1,000bn USD
Smaller than the food and beverage label market, the cosmetics sector is characterized by high value-added labels. Regulation by public bodies is less stringent, but counterfeiting is common
Beverage labeling accounts for eight to nine percent of the total self-adhesive market
Food labels have many roles to fulfill - from branding and content information to logistics capabilities