Avery Dennison has launched a new initiative to bring together technology and business leaders to establish transparency within the supply chain

The film features a series of interviews with pioneers in the space. It confirms the findings of Avery Dennison’s recent market reports, analyzing key sectors, including apparel, food, beauty, and logistics that are establishing best practice in transparency. Key findings include the fact that...

Delve into how different generations choose one product over another and how packaging can appeal to their emotions and senses to make a connection
Project partners from P&G, Aeroflexx and ThoughtMatter take you on their journey to develop ground-breaking disruptive packaging
Learn how to leverage digital channels and walk away with ideas to scale your business through omnichannel marketing
Understanding the value that innovative packaging generates for your brand customer is an essential part of your marketing tool kit
The challenges relating to product security have always been present
Packaging and labeling has the potential to create much greater value for brand owners, retailers and consumers
Domino has launched K600G, a new blister foil and web digital printing technology for product serialization in pharmaceutical applications

The new technology has been developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical industry innovator Gallarus and engagement from life science industry experts SeaVision.

‘Over the last couple of years, serialization at pack level has become a global requirement in the pharmaceutical industry,’...

Whatever quantity of a product is produced, it will be necessary in the majority of cases to mark the merchandise in a way that provides recognition of its manufacturer
A detailed review of security design for labels and packaging