Once a barcode has been printed onto a label or product it will require to be read, decoded and the information rapidly sent to a computer or checkout terminal
There are many factors to be taken into account when selecting a barcode for an application
Barcodes are a standard method of identifying the manufacturer and product category of a particular item
A barcode consists of a series of thick and thin alternating vertical dark and light bars of different widths which are printed on to labels and packaging
Barcodes are a part of everyday life, but how they work and how they are produced is anything but simple
AlpVision has launched a Covid-19 initiative helping pharmaceutical companies to protect medicines against counterfeiting

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused not a worldwide health crisis and created unprecedented economic challenges. In response, AlpVision has decided to launch the AlpVision Covid-19 Initiative to supports pharmaceutical...

Interest in materials that react to environmental conditions such as light, heat, gases, pH and moisture is gathering pace
Markem-Imaje launches an advanced online support tool powered by self-learning and artificial intelligence

MIVA is available in English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese, and accessible via the company’s home page. It uses artificial intelligence, which is constantly learning from its day-to-day interactions with customers, to empower printer users to resolve problems...

IHMA predicts strong holography growth despite Covid-19

According to IHMA, authentication and track and trace systems, which use holographic technologies, will help to underpin international efforts by government and law enforcement agencies to bolster overt and covert protection strategies in the next 12 months.

‘While Asia will continue to...

Grafotronic has released a new connected concept, Connected and Connected+, to increase the productivity and efficiency for its customers.

With Grafotronic Connected, all customers are constantly online with the headquarter in Warsaw. The machines are monitored in real-time, 24/7. 

Hubert Stasinski, head of service at Grafotronic, said: ‘We can detect any abnormality in machine functions and can act long before something...