Sato has launched a new Russian version of its website to enable the company to showcase its market knowledge, product offering, and technical expertise to the region

The new site enables the company to increase its visibility across the region and place a renewed focus on Russian-speaking countries, as it increases its global reach. Sato has strengthened its foothold in the Russian market and is developing...

Barcodes come in many different code formats, sizes and shapes and are found on all types of products in retail, commercial and industrial applications
One of the most common methods of carrying barcodes is on labels which are applied to products in retail, commercial or industrial environments
Verification of the printed quality of barcodes to international standards is a requirement for companies involved in their design or printing
Once a barcode has been printed onto a label or product it will require to be read, decoded and the information rapidly sent to a computer or checkout terminal
There are many factors to be taken into account when selecting a barcode for an application
Barcodes are a standard method of identifying the manufacturer and product category of a particular item
A barcode consists of a series of thick and thin alternating vertical dark and light bars of different widths which are printed on to labels and packaging
Barcodes are a part of everyday life, but how they work and how they are produced is anything but simple
AlpVision has launched a Covid-19 initiative helping pharmaceutical companies to protect medicines against counterfeiting

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused not a worldwide health crisis and created unprecedented economic challenges. In response, AlpVision has decided to launch the AlpVision Covid-19 Initiative to supports pharmaceutical...