drupa 2024 – A to Z preview

The L&L team has compiled a guide to help label and packaging professionals navigate through multiple halls of the German exhibition.

Over 11 days, nearly 1,500 exhibitors from 50 countries will present innovative technologies and topics that affect the printing industry now and in the future as drupa returns to Düsseldorf for the first time since 2016.

A B Graphic InternationalAcme RolltechActegaAdphosAgergaard Graphic SuppliesAlphasonicsAnytronArjobex/PolyartArrow SystemsAsahi PhotoproductsAshe Converting EquipmentAstroNovaAV FlexologicBandallBel Information Systems • BerhalterBlumer MaschinenbauBobstBogramaBrotechBSTBW ConvertingCanonCartesChemline IndiaComexiCosmo FilmsDG PressDilliDuPontDurst GroupEMT InternationalEnfocusEpsonEskoETI Converting EquipmentEyeCFAG Graphic SystemsFlint GroupFujifilmGallusGEWGlobalVisionHanGlory GroupHenkel Adhesive TechnologiesHönle GroupHPHybrid Software GroupINX International InkIsra VisionIST MetzJurmetKatunKocher + BeckKonica MinoltaKurz • Lemu GroupLundberg TechMartin AutomaticMiraclonNicely Machinery DevelopmentOmetOneVision SoftwarePantecPlockmatic GroupPostpress AlliancePratiRadixReRK PrintCoat InstrumentsSandon GlobalSchobertechnologiesScreenSeikoShenzen Zolo Packaging technologySistradeTaghleef IndustriesTechnotransTecnauTeknovaTheurerToyo InkTresuTroika SystemsUflexUnivaccoX-Rite PantoneXeikonXsys

A B Graphic International

Hall 16, booth D10

ABG debuts and celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. The company features the Omega SRI3 label finishing system and SR (seaming rewinder).

ABG will also have a presence on the HP stand, showcasing three additional machines: a non-stop winding (NSW) technology for the HP Indigo V12 digital press running in line; DigiLase paired with DigiJet; and the Digicon Series 3 equipped with Fast Track, specifically designed to complement the finishing needs of the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press.

One of the features at the ABG booth is the new Omega SRI3 label finishing system
One of the features at the ABG booth is the new Omega SRI3 label finishing system

Acme Rolltech

Hall 12, booth D52

India-based anilox rolls and sleeves supplier debuts. The company highlight its latest Advance Channel Engravings technology, including ACE-HEX and ACE-EL, showcasing advancements in channel engravings for enhanced printing capabilities.

Alongside ACE, the company promotes specialty aniloxes, including the AHDW and ATAC 2.0, showcasing its drive for innovation and precision.


Hall 3, booth B31

Actega presents a range of products and technologies developed for sustainablity and high-value finishing options. Actega representatives will be located on numerous partner company stands and in the Touchpoint Packaging Forum. Actega showcases its portfolio of water-based barrier coatings, and spotlight its high-value finishing portfolio. Among the samples showcased will be examples of the effects achievable with UV coatings, metallic effects, drip-off applications and tactile haptic effects.

Actega will participate in the innovative drupa platform, Touchpoint Packaging. Paolo Grasso, sales director at Actega for Ecoleaf, will share insights about Ecoleaf digital metalization technology on Thursday, May 30, at 11.00 am CET, focusing on the technology’s potential to reduce the carbon footprint of the metalization process by over 50 percent compared to traditional methods. Actega’s head of sustainability, Dennis Siepmann, will also speak on the topic of Towards a More Sustainable Future on Wednesday, May 29, at 11.45 am CET.


Hall 6, booth B50

Adphos showcases the latest application-optimized and customer-specific drying and coating technologies. The focus will be on the latest generation of aLITE drying technology, based on the aNIR concept and will be presented live by numerous adphos partners in their printing and coating machines. The company also celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Agergaard Graphic Supplies

Hall 15, booth A31

Agergaard Group shows its range of printing equipment and printing consumables, including AGSflexo end seals and doctor blades for enhanced press uptime. Matched to the respective printing application, these printing consumables have been developed to ensure optimum sealing and ink metering performance in printing and coating units.

AkeBoose offers chamber doctor blade systems, ink handling systems as well as in-line printing and marking units for repeatable printing results, ease of use and low operating costs.

EKS offers printing units for flexographic printing of web and flat substrates in rough industrial areas.

Visitors from the offset industry can discover plug and play chamber doctor blade technology for in-line coating towers paired with the LQI coating supply unit, which makes it possible to efficiently process special coatings with low volume in the loop and thus very little residual varnish in the system after application.

Visitors from the flexible packaging sector can explore the all-in-one-piece Nova TK chamber system that can be operated completely tool-free.

The Nova XLS stainless steel chamber is a rigid and surface-resistant alternative to carbon fiber chambers. For printers seeking products for smooth printing with fast-drying water-based inks, AkeBoose offers a special chamber system setup with the ESS end seal humidification unit.


Hall 6, booth B42

Alphasonics shows Alphasound and Betasound technologies designed to safely and effectively clean aniloxes, irrespective of screen count. Alphasonics systems and a range of advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems have been engineered to tackle a wide range of contaminations, including ink, grease, oils and more.


Hall 5, booth B08

Anytron introduces the extended version of its in-line digital label printer, the Any-Jet II Conveyor. This printer features fast and accurate printing, built-in laminating, precise laser cutting within the machine, and the capability to deliver full-cut stickers along the conveyor, thereby saving labor costs and time.

Anytron also shows new applications for inkjet and LED toner printers.

Anytron introduces the extended version of its steady-selling in-line digital label printer, the Any-Jet II Conveyor
Anytron introduces the extended version of its steady-selling in-line digital label printer, the Any-Jet II Conveyor 

Arjobex – Polyart

Hall 4, booth E05

Polyart Group, a specialty coating and film manufacturer, showcases three main product lines and services focused on sustainability.

In the digital product group, the company features its new dry toner coating for Polyart and Robuskin for graphic applications and its water-based inkjet range designed for labels (including BS5609 grade).

The group also focuses on sustainability with its new range of films: r-Polyart and r-Satinex for labels; and with its new range of papers: r-Fluolux for fluorescent papers, Fiberskin and Fiberskin Tag for graphic and labels applications.

The company also promotes PolyServices, a comprehensive set of services for coating subcontracting and bespoke technologies for papers and films.

Arrow Systems

Hall 5, booth B35

Arrow Systems, a manufacturer and distributor of digital printing technology for labels and packaging, promotes the ArrowJet Aqua series, water-based pigment inkjet technology.

The ArrowJet line features ultra-high resolutions (1,600 DPI) coupled with speeds up to 60m/min and its marketed for printing digitally with water-based pigment inks.

The compact design can include in-line priming, in-line varnish, in-line lamination and more.

Asahi Photoproducts

Hall 8b, booth A13

Asahi focuses on three main themes: sustainability, printing excellence and automation as well as digital transformation.

The company shows its AWP-DEW and AWP-CleanFlat water-wash plates that are certified Carbon Neutral in collaboration with The Carbon Trust. In addition, visitors to the Asahi stand can learn how to save up to 85 percent of wastewater by using the AWP-Loop water recycling unit.

The company also displays and introduces a full range of flexographic plates designed for printing on paper, corrugated and recycled film.

Asahi also shows automation for flexographic platemaking: CrystalCleanConnect, co-developed with Esko and Kongsberg, a system that reduces the platemaking process from 12 steps to one, reducing labor, minimizing potential for error, and resulting in a press-ready plate. An additional digital service the company offers will be through its remote technical support based on either smart glass or smartphone.

Ashe Converting Equipment

Hall 11, booth A50

Ashe Converting Equipment launches Sapphire S3 Duplex slitter rewinder developed to be a fully automated duplex or duplex turret with minimal operator involvement.

For the printers of self-adhesive labels, maximum finishing efficiency can be achieved with the Opal glueless turret rewinders. The machine features a patented cut and transfer system which can apply material onto new cores at speed without the need for glue or tape and full servo control.

On display is a 540mm wide off-line machine which features automatic knife positioning. It can position 10 rotary cutters (top and bottom) in under two minutes.

An automatic tail closure system is also featured on the machine.

The modular design of the Opal ISR allows the company to offer the machine in several configurations and allows users to inspect 100 percent of the print through a camera-based system.

The company also shows a 430mm wide machine featuring automatic knife positioning and duplex (two shafts) rewinding system. The camera is ergonomically mounted on the machine to ensure that any faults detected will stop prior to being slit and rewound.


Hall 5, booth A35

AstroNova showcases a complete line-up, from tabletop label printers to high-volume presses and a wide variety of label materials.

AV Flexologic

Hall 10, booth C10

AV Flexologic unveils RoboCell, a robotic pre-press technology comprising RoboTape for taping printing sleeves; RoboSleeve, handling taped sleeves into the plate mounters, and then delivering them to the sleeve rack; and Famm 3.0, automatically mounting multiple plates with extreme accuracy and speed.

At the AV Flexologic booth, Tech Sleeves, and Toyobo MC Corporation stands the company also introduces new pre-press mounters and equipment. Tech Sleeves will reveal the new durable printing sleeves and bridges while Toyobo will display the sustainable water-washable flexo plate Cosmolight.


Hall 6, booth B03

Bandall promotes sustainable bundling, labeling and/or sealing, with just a strip of paper or film to save up to 80 percent of packaging material.

Bandall machines offer neat and tight bundles of any type and shape of labels. An advanced vacuum band feed-through system of the machines allows it to work quickly, flexibly and without damage to the bottom and top labels. The company offers standalone machines and state-of-the-art fully automated banding lines that can be extended with, for example, a label line and a press.

Bel Information Systems

Hall 7A, booth A01

Bel Information Systems showcases Overprint, its an end-to-end modular print MIS featuring an open architecture, connectivity, product customization and intuitive workflow. It is an industry- specific driven system, sharing the same environment for all segments within the carton packaging, in-mold labels, labels, flexible packaging, commercial printing, security printing and cylinder engraving.


Hall 11 booth D51

Swiss Die-Cutting manufacturer debuts the Swiss Die-Cutter B6, featuring the BEAMstack Robot, alongside the highly efficient Swiss Die-Cutter B4.

Paired with the BEAMstack Robot, an automated packaging system, the company demonstrates robotics to separate die-cut stacks to the desired number of pieces and automatically package them into plastic blisters or cardboard boxes.

Berhalter also showcases its IoT Service Platform, CUTcontrol, leveraging data analysis and diagnostic tools to empower users to monitor and optimize machine performance, maximize productivity and efficiency.

Blumer Maschinenbau

Hall 15, booth E20

Blumer Maschinenbau, a manufacturer of cutting, punching and banding machines for the further processing of labels, features the Atlas-1110 Double Stack, where two strips can be processed simultaneously for the first time.

Blumer also presents the AG-4220 counter-pressure die-cutter, a new technology for in-mold labels.

Visitors to the company’s stand can also see a Maxi-Pack Banding module, the Atlas-40.

The company is exhibiting together with the Postpress Alliance - an association of leading print finishing companies.


Hall 10, booth B30-1 – B30-3

In the flexible packaging space, Bobst introduces smartGRAVURE, featuring elements of automation and digitalization. It helps to overcome the important set-up time and tuning required with gravure printing, which require high level operator skills.

Bobst premieres Expertlam 900, a multi-technology coater and laminator
Bobst premieres Expertlam 900, a multi-technology coater and laminator

Also on show is the new Bobst AI-driven intelligent Metallizing Assistant representing a machine integrated process expertise for vacuum metalizing and Expertlam 900, a multi-technology coater and laminator, which is configurable in different forms.

Specifically for the labels industry, Bobst showcases a new range of Bobst Connect technologies aiming to simplify label production from pdf to print and converting. The new features allow label converters to accelerate job preparation with less dependence on operator skills, and with a more connected production floor.

In the folding carton industry, Bobst introduces the Expertcut 106 PER die-cutter, claimed to increase productivity up to 20 percent. It comes equipped with new functions, including Accuplaten, a new system that can potentially reduce the patching effort during setting and increase running speed.


Hall 15, booth E20

Swiss machinery specialist showcases a range of equipment developed for die-cutting, kiss-cutting, creasing, perforating and embossing, offering short set-up times, die-cutting with no nicks, in-line stripping and process-optimized production.

At the joint Postpress Alliance booth, Bograma showcases technologies featuring flexibility of configuration, variety of rotary die-cutting options, integration of production processes, automated banding and placing of cut products, reduction of labor costs and increase in output.


Hall 9, booth B20

Brotech highlights the iDM 330 Digital Embellishment System, a multifunctional machine that supports digital white, digital metal, digital varnish, variable data, barcodes/2D barcodes and braille.

The company also promotes Brotech SDF Plus, which employs a new modular and platform-based design, enabling it to switch workflow directions. The digital embellishment unit can be applied to digital white, digital metal and digital varnish.

Visitors can also see the modular design of the SDF-E Digital Label Finishing System, developed as a cost-effective and multi-functional combo. It can be expanded with a range of converting options.

Also on show is the SMS Shrink Sleeve Label Finishing System, used for seaming PVC, PET, PE, POF and other shrink film materials.


Hall 10, booth C21

BST shows SmartData, a market-ready software, which can be used to centrally operate, control, analyze and optimize document production process. It integrates job data seamlessly from ERP or MIS systems.

In web guiding, BST presents a new operating concept with Commander Smart Com 100, simplifying sensor and control unit operation. Additionally, BST introduces enhanced versions of its web inspection systems, iPQ-View and ProView.

BW Converting

Hall 16, booth D20 and C21

BW Converting exhibits equipment from its Baldwin Technology, W+D and PCMC technology brands.

Baldwin Technology shows a completely redesigned LED-UV curing platform; a more powerful version of its QuadCure UV line, and an upgraded print inspection product family.

Baldwin showcases the latest generation of illumination systems and inspection cameras in a package paired with the Defender 100 percent Inspection System.

PCMC shows digitally printed flexible packaging with the ION Hybrid Digital Press, that prints up to 400ft/min, translating to an output capacity of up to 1,733sqft/min.

Also on display is the Meridian, PCMC’s patented laser technology, which minimizes time, ink and waste in the anilox cleaning process. It deep cleans engravings of any line screen without increased surface temperature or hot spots.


Hall 8b, booth B41-1 to B41-8

Canon shows the new LabelStream LS2000 digital label press for the first time outside Japan. It is designed for industrial-scale label printing and is the company’s first water-based inkjet label press.

Expected to be available in the EMEA region in 2025, the device prints CMYK plus white on self-adhesive substrates, with a new ink set designed to comply with food safety standards. Visitors can see live label production on paper and film media, printing the labels on the LabelStream LS2000, which are then ready for varnishing, die-cutting and slitting on stand on a nearline converting device from Grafisk Maskinfabrik. Print samples from the Canon group company Edale FL3 flexographic label press are also available.

Canon shows the new LabelStream LS2000 digital label press, for the first time outside Japan
Canon shows the new LabelStream LS2000 digital label press, for the first time outside Japan

Thanks to its 2022 acquisition of Edale, Canon has started to establish a presence in the folding carton market and showcases an in-line folding carton production process, taking preprinted reels, embellished live on the Edale FL5 single-pass carton production line, adding either cold foil, cast, cure or varnish.

The carton will move in-line to the Edale FDC600 flatbed die-cutter for cutting, creasing, braille/embossing, and waste stripping, ultimately delivering finished carton blanks in a single pass.


Hall 10, booth D25

Cartes shows its Gemini GE363VJL tool-free converting and embellishment line including digital printing, foiling and laser die die-cutting.

Cartes will promote Gemini configured as GE363VJL to offer complete converting and high-end embellishments with no tools required
Cartes will promote Gemini configured as GE363VJL to offer complete converting and high-end embellishments with no tools required

The second machine on show is the GT365 WSHJR embellishment system.

Cartes also shows its Jet D-Screen ‘digital screen’ unit, digital metal doming and Laser converting technology.

Chemline India

Hall 3, booth A11

Chemline showcases a wide range of adhesives and coatings for the packaging and converting industries.


Hall 10, booth C19

Comexi premieres the new F1 Evolution press, which can print at up to 600m/min on a print width of up to 1,690mm.

It can be equipped with a robotic arm for sleeve and anilox changes, as well as other automation systems from the GeniusTech range.

Comexi premieres the F1 Evolution and showcases its range of flexo printers
Comexi premieres the F1 Evolution and showcases its range of flexo printers

Features include the Genius Board, which automatically calculates the most efficient way to carry out a job change, guiding operators step-by-step, and the new Genius Run HD system, which eliminates bouncing and barring. Comexi also shows the S2 DT slitter, equipped with dual laser heads and the new S1 DT evolution range.

The company runs two daily shows presenting all printing technologies: flexo, offset and digital.

Cosmo Films

Hall 3, booth B07

Cosmo showcases a range of thermal lamination films, including printable polyester metallized films, holography films, ID lamination, balloon films, laminating pouch films and digital lamination films. All products showcased at the stand are compatible with all types of thermal laminating machines available worldwide.

Also at the stand is the Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP), an alternative to traditional paper in applications where durability and longevity is important. This range, available for wide and narrow web formats, is used across several industries.

DG Press

Hall 13, booth A56

Hall 16, booth A14

DG Press showcases hybrid web offset technology with stands in halls 13 and 16.

The company also promotes its certified pre-owned options and refurbishment services in Hall 13, while new machinery is on show in Hall 16. On display are two series of hybrid web offset presses serving various markets, including flexible packaging, labels, pharma print and security print.

In the flexible packaging and label printing corner, DG press highlights its latest project for producing mono-material packaging in one pass, with industry partners, on the DG- AUXO, alongside samples of wrap-around labels, shrink sleeves, and in-mold labels.

In the security print and pharmaceutical print corner, the company promotes DG-Vision, a hybrid web offset press.


Hall 8b, booth C11

Dilli exhibits its Neo Picasso series digital label press and wide format digital UV Inkjet printers. Neo Picasso Plus is a digital UV inkjet label press capable of printing at 600 x 1,200 DPI covering a wide range of printing widths from a minimum of 110mm to a maximum of 330mm, allowing for full color variable data printing with a user-friendly interface.

Dilli exhibits digital label press, Neo Picasso series
Dilli exhibits digital label press, Neo Picasso series


Hall 8b, booth B13

DuPont Cyrel shows a full range of technologies for flexographic pre-press, including plates, In-the-Round (ITR) sleeves, platemaking equipment and technical support services.

Also on show is DuPont Artistri a range of digital water-based inkjet printing inks and dispersions for commercial and packaging printing delivering durability, color fastness and high image quality.

Durst Group

Hall 16, booth A41-1 to A41-2

Durst Group unveils its latest innovations, including the new KJet hybrid printing press for labels and packaging. The KJet combines dual servo flexo technology from Omet with the Durst RSCi digital print engine.

EMT International

Hall 6, booth A42

EMT presents its Chameleon digital web finishing portfolio (roll-to-roll, roll-to-stack, roll-to-fold and variable lane finishing) and web transport technologies for offset, flexo and digital inkjet in addition to its STC PRO line of customizable precision components including core shafts, chucks/adapters, punches and dies.

The company also highlights the Rotocontrol EMT range of label printing and finishing equipment, including booklet and extended content labels, digital hybrid presses and inspection slitter rewinders.


Hall 8b, booth A12

Enfocus joins the teams from Esko, X-Rite and Pantone for an Innovation Lab including a new AI-assisted decision-making tool for upstream packaging project specifications. Additionally, Pantone reveals a new system allowing designers to use colors in their artwork with colors that are on trend and resonant with target customers.


Hall 5, booth D20

Epson showcases its latest industrial printhead, the D3000, designed for both aqueous and UV ink applications. This is a high speed, single-pass, 1,200 DPI resolution head with nozzle-level re-circulation tailored to a range of applications such as flexible and corrugated packaging, folding cartons, labels, textiles and décor.


Hall 8b, booth A12

Esko unveils sCloud, a new cloud-native platform that includes computing, data sharing and artificial intelligence functions.

All existing Esko applications - from ArtPro+, ArtiosCAD, and Phoenix through to Cape Pack and Automation Engine - connect to the new platform, giving stakeholders in the value chain 24/7 real-time access to live data and common resources.

Esko also introduces the CDI Crystal ‘Quartz Edition’, adding to the family of CDI Crystal XPS plate imaging and exposing solutions.

Within the AVT family of automatic inspection systems, Esko introduces the Varnish Inspection Module for Esko AVT Helios.

As an add-on module to the Helios system, the Varnish Inspection Module enables viewing and inspection of varnish and coating on various printed substrates simultaneously with print inspection. The module detects issues such as varnish misregister, partial and full starvation simultaneously with print defect detection.

ETI Converting Equipment

Hall 11, booth C71

Visitors can take a firsthand look at pressure-sensitive laminates, linerless and specialty labels produced with ETI’s Cohesio, LinerO, as well as Acuro coating and lamination systems.


Hall 3, booth A101

EyeC demonstrates the EyeC ProofRunner Web, installed on the Bobcat S rewinder from French machine supplier DCM. This in-line inspection system guarantees 100 percent print inspection for labels and flexible packaging with web widths of up to 1,700mm.

The company also promotes a new, AI-based defect classification option for the entire EyeC ProofRunner line, demonstrated for the first time. EyeC shows the scanner-based EyeC Proofiler DT line with scan formats up to 4x3 ft, as well as demos of the EyeC Proofiler Graphic artwork proofreading software.

FAG Graphic Systems

Hall 9, booth D30

The company showcases an upgraded FAG FluoSP Spectro, a spectrophotometer designed to control invisible fluorescent, inks used in anti-counterfeiting applications.

Also on show is the FAG Flex4 Pro, a flexo plate reader combined with the new FAG Relix4 for controlling flexo plate production.

Flint Group

Hall 11, booth A01-A02

Flint Group showcases the dual-curing EkoCure ink series, which eases the transition from traditional UV to UV LED curing. Narrow web printers can learn about the Evolution De-inking Primer and Caustic-Resistant Overprint Varnish (OPV) designed to enhance sustainability in packaging and to improve material yield during the recycling process. EkoCure Ancora, a food-contact material (FCM) certified ink technology with dual curing capabilities is also highlighted at the exhibition. Furthermore, for digital label printing, the company presents a range of DigiCoat varnishes to complement various digital printing techniques. Flexible packaging printers can explore the OneCode solvent-based inks and varnishes.


Hall 8b, booth A02-A06

The company promotes its Jet Press FP790 water-based inkjet press for the flexible packaging market.

First announced in 2021 with commercial availability formally announced in 2023, the Jet Press FP790 enables short-run flexible packaging printing at speeds of up to 50m/min on film substrates of up to a maximum width of 790mm with a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 DPI.

In addition to CMYK print heads, it is equipped with two sets of white print heads, improving white opacity and enhancing color saturation of the ink. It can also apply primer to the substrate before printing, providing high ink adhesion.


Hall 1, booth B30

At the Heidelberg booth, Gallus promotes its highly automated Gallus One digital label press, claimed to have the most competitive total cost of ownership in the digital label printing industry.

The company showcases this machine with extended functionalities, including a flexo printing station and a semi-rotary die-cutter.


Hall 16, booth E01

GEW highlights its ArcLED technology, with UV Arc and quickly interchangeable UV LED lampheads. ArcLED capability is available with almost every type of GEW system installation and across a broad range of applications. With ArcLED, both Arc and LED cassettes are compatible with the same power supply and fit in the same housing. GEW’s Rhino power control system automatically recognizes the lamp type and switches the power supply accordingly.

GEW highlight its ArcLED technology, with UV Arc and UV LED lampheads that can be simply and quickly interchanged on a press
GEW highlight its ArcLED technology, with UV Arc and UV LED lampheads that can be simply and quickly interchanged on a press

ArcLED enables the customer to buy any combination of Arc and LED, which can be later fully upgraded to LED with minimal disruption.


Hall 8b, booth C32

GlobalVision features products and services that fulfill proofreading and quality assurance requirements for regulated industries, including braille height inspection, print inspection, text inspection, barcode inspection, Cloud PDF and Proof inspection, counting systems for inserts, cartons and vials, as well as integration with Esko Automation Engines and Esko WebCenter Digital Inspection.

HanGlory Group

Hall 8B, booth B30

HanGlory introduces its LabStar 330S hybrid label press.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Hall 3, booth B31

Henkel showcases adhesives and coatings that help to decrease carbon footprint and enable recyclable packaging. On display is Aquence PS 3017 RE, a water-based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive designed for the olefinic filmic labels used for wash-off PET bottles.

The new adhesive offers excellent wash-off efficiency, even at 65 degree Celsius for PE facestock, ensuring that labels can be easily separated from bottles using less energy, while also increasing the purity and the value of recycled PET.

Aquence PS 3017 RE received the CHI Certificate confirming that the adhesive does not negatively impact on the recycling path for transparent PET bottles when used in combination with a PO label.

Hönle Group

Hall 16, booth D12

The newly-formed curing business unit of Dr Hönle showcases an extensive product portfolio, including LED-UV as well as conventional UV, inertUV and IR systems.

New in the portfolio is the LED Powerline LC HV for fast and energy-efficient curing of printing inks and varnishes. The water-cooled and variable LED-UV curing device can be used for pinning and final curing in almost any printing application: whether paper or film, whether web-shaped or 3D. The modular design allows for easy length adjustment to the application and enables variable format shutdown, resulting in significant energy savings.


Hall 17, booth A01 to A01-6

HP announces the commercial availability of the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press following successful beta site installations including US-based Brook + Whittle and others. The V12 leverages new LEPx technology capable of replacing two flexo presses and is the fastest narrow web digital press on the market. HP also introduces the new generation B2 presses: the HP Indigo 120K Digital Press and the HP Indigo 18K Digital Press. HP will also introduce a new A3 sheet-fed press, the HP Indigo 7K Secure Digital Press.

HP also announces the commercial availability of the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press following highly successful beta site installations
HP also announces the commercial availability of the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press following highly successful beta site installations

In addition HP showcases the Indigo 35K HD digital press, the second-generation press for folding cartons.

The company announces its PrintOS Production Beat Support for analog printing and finishing equipment, allowing HP customers to monitor their entire production floor, not only the HP presses, capturing data in real time from analog equipment.

HP also launches the HP Indigo PQ Maestro, an intelligent start-of-day wizard that optimizes press performance, along with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

Hybrid Software Group

Hall 7, booth D03

The company showcases Packz, which combines automation and dedicated pre-press tools including editing and quality assurance, with a PDF editor that makes designs ready for print, whatever the printing process.

Also on show is CloudFlow, a modular workflow suite for file processing, asset management, soft proofing and workflow automation. It is a web-based application platform specifically designed for packaging graphics with support for PDF, color separation, overlay, screening and proofing.

Hybrid Software promotes its MyCloudFlow workflow system, benefiting from the power of CloudFlow in a SaaS offering, fully operated and managed by Hybrid Software.

Visitors can also see iC3D package design software which helps users generate live 3D virtual models on the fly.

INX International Ink

Hall 3, booth E83

INX presents a broad range of inks, coatings and color management technologies.

INX showcases technology for making it easier to recycle products and promotes the development of circular economies, including the improved functional barriers that enable the use of mono material structures; the use of color-fast washable inks such as the Genesis GS series inks that are easily removed in the recycling process; and inks and coatings that are designed to be highly robust for multiple re-use and returnable applications.

Isra Vision

Hall 10, booth A28

Isra Vision presents developments from its range of in-line inspection for the printing and packaging industry.

The company presents a new version of PrintSTAR Evo for inspecting flexible packaging, featuring the new ‘Static Code Reading’ function checking the legibility of barcodes and QR codes. PrintSTAR Evo’s enhanced camera technology ensures better detection of typical printing errors such as splashes and spots, missing ink, register errors, streaks and drags as well as dirt. The system also still includes a ‘MultiView’ mode, in which multiple camera banks simultaneously carry out inspection tasks.

IST Metz

Hall 1, booth A24 to A24-1

IST Metz celebrates the installation of 100,000th curing device (UV, UV LED and Excimer).

On display are UV lamps and UV LED systems, thermal drying technologies and excimer systems. The HotSwap product concept is also a focal point, offering more flexibility for switching on narrow web presses between mercury and UV-LED lamps.

The product presentation is rounded off by the UV Analyzer measuring device. The combination of UV app (compatible with Android and iOS), measuring strips and Analyzer Stick offers a handy tool for quality assurance and documentation of common UV and LED systems.


Hall 11, booth D32

Jurmet presents a new model of its compact duplex slitter Winder3. It includes a shaftless unwinding station, an automatic knife positioning system, a maximum rewinding diameter of 800mm (31.5in), a pushing bar for finished reels, automatic core positioning system using a laser beam and a splicing table.

The company also showcases Master3 for slitting a range of flexible materials with precise tension control and automatic knife setting and laser beam-controlled core positioning. The machine can incorporate a range of external devices including a punching unit, inspection solutions or an inkjet station.


Hall 5, booth A36

The Katun Digital Printing Solutions (KDPS) division promotes the use of sustainable water-based pigment inks for the label and flexible packaging market. The company showcases several different machines.

KDPS has partnered with Arrow Systems to demonstrate the capabilities of the Arrowjet roll-to-roll printing machine and finishing equipment.

Kocher + Beck

Hall 1, booth A24

Kocher+Beck partners with IST Metz to present the latest developments in embossing and cutting technologies, from precision in-line offset cutting to intricate in-line offset embossing.

The company showcases its collaboration with IST Metz and Heidelberg to offer a comprehensive range of technologies including UV curing on state-of-the-art presses.

Konica Minolta

Hall 8b, booth A40-1 to A40-6

The company showcases 20 European premieres, offering the biggest live demonstrations of its machines ever shown.

Konica Minolta showcases 20 European premieres, pioneering digital transformation and live demonstrations of the biggest machines it has ever shown
Konica Minolta showcases 20 European premieres, pioneering digital transformation and live demonstrations of the biggest machines it has ever shown

Among the highlights are completely automated production lines driven by AI, a state-of-the-art webshop and never- before-seen use of robotics– including major advances in remote service engineering.

Labels and packaging systems incorporating digital embellishment are in the spotlight.


Hall 3, booth E71

Kurz presents a wide range of finishing products and technologies from hot stamping, cold transfer, to digital printing.

Kurz subsidiaries Steinemann DPE, MPrint Hinderer + Mühlich (H+M), and Kurz Digital Solutions also join in with live demonstrations.

Kurz highlights the DM-Maxliner 3D, one of the fastest machines for haptic digital embellishment, UV spot and relief varnishing
Kurz highlights the DM-Maxliner 3D, one of the fastest machines for haptic digital embellishment, UV spot and relief varnishing

On display is DM-Maxliner 3D, one of the fastest machines for haptic digital embellishment, UV spot and relief varnishing.

The company also reveals the DM-Maxliner 2D for digital metallization on a variety of substrates, as well as the MPrint 4C inkjet printing unit for late-stage cus tomization.

Visitors can also discover new products and unique finishes like the achromatic and luxurious Kurz Silver Line with security options rounding off the portfolio.

Lemu Group

Hall 11, booth B04

LemuGroup shows a wide range of equipment for paper bags, envelopes and label insertion applications. On top of the e-Comm 3 paper bag and envelope machine, the company also shows LI 220 RFID smart label inserter, equipped with delam-relam system for accurate insertion of smart inlays.

Lundberg Tech

Hall 11, booth D66

Lundberg Tech displays a selection of waste handling technologies, including the new SheetCutter. It comes in 1100 and 1650 models and is designed to cut materials from paper to plastic skeletons and matrixes.

With a cutting width of up to 1650 mm, the SheetCutter features a modular Granulator rotor/fixed knife system, with each module measuring 275 mm, making it suitable for wide rigid materials.

Martin Automatic

Hall 11, booth D69

Martin Automatic exhibits its MBS automatic unwind butt/splicer and an LRD automatic rewinder.

The MBS is designed for non-stop unwinding in label converting, flexible packaging, light paperboard, pouch, and bag production and with specialty performance webs like filter media and resilient non-woven webs, as used in the construction industries.

The MBS shown at drupa will be delivered to Desmedt Labels in Belgium after the trade fair closes
The MBS shown at drupa will be delivered to Desmedt Labels in Belgium after the trade fair closes

The LRD is Martin’s two-spindle non-stop rewinder for label, flexible packaging, pouch, and bag production and use with many other specialty webs for narrow to mid-web processes. Its design allows production versatility that includes slitting, winding, and roll handling, with automatic roll unloading – no carts or operator intervention.


Hall 15, booth F50

Miraclon previews the next generation Flexcel NX Plate and Flexcel NX Ultra Plate, LED-optimized plate technologies that offer even cleaner printing for greater efficiency and sustainability benefits.

Nicely Machinery Development

Hall 12, booth E41

Nicely showcases slitter-rewinder technologies for applications including sustainable papers, labels, pharma-related materials and technical film packaging.

The EG-8002 on show is a model engineered to cater to a wide range of slitting applications, including large-format label materials (PSA), film, and composite paperboard food packaging. It accommodates roller widths up to 2,600mm, with a maximum roll of 1,200mm diameter and speeds of up to 88 m/min.

Also on show is the EG-7009, a model developed especially for pharmaceutical materials. It is a duplex shaft slitter rewinder. While it offers a smaller roll diameter (900mm) it maintains operational speeds of up to 600 m/min.


Hall 10, booth B10

Omet presents the mid-web Varyflex V4 UV offset press in widths 670mm (26in) and 850mm (33in), featuring a newly designed accessible offset print unit. The use of lightweight sleeves and the availability of a Revolver Cart for sleeve replacement are part of the so-called Easy Sleeve Format Change patented by Omet.

Omet presents the mid-web VaryflexV4 UV offset press combining the advantages ofVaryflex presses with powerful offset technology
Omet presents the mid-web VaryflexV4 UV offset press combining the advantages of Varyflex presses with powerful offset technology

OneVision Software

Hall 8A, booth A40

OneVision demonstrates its software live showcasing functions such as automated print form generation, imposition, nesting, step and repeat, tiling, bleed generation and cut line management.


Hall 3, booth D02

Pantec showcases its broad portfolio of embellishment technologies ranging from narrow to wide web. On show is the Rhino flatbed embossing system suitable for enhancing labels and flexible packaging.

Pantec also presents the Cheetah N rotary embellishment system applying individual 3D images to shrink sleeves. They are applied by heat and pressure from a carrier film, with speeds of up to 20 images per second, imitating a three-dimensional effect which is not possible using conventional embossing.

Plockmatic Group

Hall 8B, booth A41-1 to A41-2

The company launches three new label cutting technologies designed for custom finished labels.

The ColorCut LC330, is a compact automatic label sheet cutter perfect for unattended operation. It includes a 150-sheet auto feeder capable of handling sheet labels up to 330mm wide x 483mm long and is suitable for all common label sizes, delivering up to 800mm/s cutting speed and a maximum force of 500g of pressure.

The ColorCut’s Professional series LC700 Pro label cutter is an automatic sheet label cutter for high-volume label producers. It is simple to use, provides high-speed precision cutting of up to 1,200mm/s and up to 760g of pressure.

The flagship model on show, the LCF700 Pro, is a versatile hybrid label cutter. It takes 330mm width rolls with a maximum outer diameter 350mm and includes a laminating station to apply laminates before cutting.

Postpress Alliance

Hall 15, booth E20

The Postpress Alliance, comprising baumannperfecta, Bograma, H+H, Hohner, MBO, and Wohlenberg, alongside co-exhibitors Blumer Maschinenbau AG, NBS AG, and the financial service provider PEAC Solutions occupy nearly 1,300 square meters of space as they unite under the theme ‘Better together. One vision - infinite Solutions’.


Hall 16, booth A42

Prati spotlights the DigiCompact converting and finishing line for self-adhesive labels and digitally printed flexible packaging that, in a compact design, can process a wide range of materials and perform a variety of finishing and embellishing processes.

Prati highlights DigiCompact, a converting and finishing
Prati highlights DigiCompact, a converting and finishing line

It can convert and finish materials between 12 and 350 microns, switching from self-adhesive paper and plastic labels to heat-shrink and wrap-around labels, with either reel-to-reel, reel-to-sheet or reel-to-label processing. The machine is available in three widths - 370, 400 and 450mm - with working speeds in semi-rotary mode up to 70m/min, and in rotary mode up to 200m/min.


Hall 7A, booth D21

The company showcases upgrades to its OnPrintShop software package, featuring real-time product previews and 3D packaging design to faster quote estimates in label and packaging production. Printers can instantly generate new and unique packaging designs from scratch or use a vast library of pre-defined templates.


Hall 12, booth A45

Re launches ReVision NET, a new web viewing system designed for print quality control to capture and reproduce printed details on the monitor with accurate color. Also shown are the Re web guiding system, web handling and web tension controls.

RK PrintCoat Instruments

Hall 3, booth D51

RK PrintCoat Instruments, a pre-press color communication specialist, showcases its award-winning FlexiProof 100 machine, featuring a custom-designed LED UV unit.

It is developed to enable users and producers of UV flexo inks to resolve quality control issues, color match and determine process fundamentals such as printability, gloss, scuff and chemical resistance.

RK also promotes a range of sample preparation equipment, including the VCML Pilot Coater, GP100, Esi Proof, K303s and K Hand Coater.

Sandon Global

Hall 15, booth A12

Sandon Global showcases anilox engravings helping to tackle common print challenges such as ink spitting or coatings with large particle deposits. Sandon’s technical experts are on hand to explain why alternative engravings rival standard 60deg cell designs with greater precision, quality and consistency plus improved efficiencies and cost-savings.

Booth visitors can also learn more about Sandon’s in-house manufacture of anilox rollers, mandrels, sleeves, and end-rings, its manufacturing processes, quality standards, unique EDT for corrosion resistance and metallurgical laboratory.

The company also participates in the Packaging Printing Technology and Innovation Tour led by Anke Frieser Tausch, technical head of the DFTA Technology Center on June 6.


Hall 11, booth A51

Schobertechnologies showcases rotary cutting and punching machines, equipped with the latest Sinamics drives and control systems. They use an efficient energy management process, which, thanks to the coordinated elements of the drive train, leads to a gain in energy efficiency of up to 10 percent.

The company promotes the RSM410 IML/MX with Twin Spider, specially designed for high-speed cutting and stacking of in-mold labels. Its drive technology combines continuous and vector rotary cutting in an in-setting process. It offers a programmable, robot- controlled, high-speed stacking and counting system enabling stacking different products with the same print image.

The company also promotes integrated rotary processing systems for creasing, embossing, cutting, punching, transferring and sealing.


Hall 8A, booth A03

Screen displays the Truepress Label 350UV SAI S inkjet range of UV presses with a newly developed digital primer unit for label printing.

Also on show is Truepress PAC 520P, an inkjet press using water-based food compliant inks for paper packaging, helping converters and brand owners achieve their sustainability goals.

Screen displaysTruepress Label 350UV SAI S inkjet range of UV presses with a newly developed digital primer unit for label printing
Screen displaysTruepress Label 350UV SAI S inkjet range of UV presses with a newly developed digital primer unit for label printing

Visitors can also see the Truepress PAC 830F inkjet system for flexible packaging films and delve into the intricacies of achieving digital printing on flexible packaging using water-based food compliant inks.

The company also presents a range of label and packaging samples utilizing eco-friendly base materials, introducing sustainable and productivity-enhancing options for digital inkjet printing of small and medium lot jobs.


Hall 5, booth C30

Seiko Instruments’ printhead division unveils its 600 DPI Acrobat RCE2560 printhead. The RCE2560 features true recirculation, isolated channel technology, and integrated waveform controllers.

With 2560 strategically distributed nozzles across four rows over a printing width of 108.3 mm, the RCE2560 delivers exceptional printing performance within a compact footprint. The recirculation system facilitates a high flow rate directly behind the nozzles, resulting in superior print quality and consistency.

One of the key highlights of the RCE2560 is its versatility, offering multiple grey levels with a drop volume range from 9 to 20 pl along with the possibility to accommodate various fluid types, including aqueous, solvent-, oil-, or UV-based inks.

Shenzen Zolo Packaging technology

Hall 3, booth E22

Shenzhen Zolo promotes security VOID labels and materials, tamper evident security tapes, hologram stickers, holographic film, self-destructive stickers and materials, water sensitive labels and other different types of security packing products.

Zolo showcases the latest label for anti-counterfeit and anti-theft use. Once peeled off or opened, the preset message or hidden text will be revealed on the labels, or leave residue on the application surface.


Hall 7A, booth A02

Sistrade unveils its latest software emphasizing the importance of process definition in the printing industry. The company showcases the new features in version 12.15. Called the technical data sheet (TDS), this feature allows products to be defined based on their production process flow including all the technical details for each process step.

Taghleef Industries

Hall 5, booth C02

Taghleef Industries features its Derprosa brand, including the new Leather and Soft Touch 4x4 films. Leather films offer a realistic replication of genuine leather’s luxurious texture, while soft touch 4x4 goes a step further by combining a luxuriously soft feel with exceptional fingerprint and scratch resistance.

Promoted at the show is Derprosa reLIFE, the range of BOPP laminated films using ISCC Plus certified resins obtained from post-consumer chemically recycled (PCR) plastic sources. Also on show is Derprosa bioBLUE, the range of BOPP laminated films using certified resins of residual vegetable origin, such as second- generation BIO feedstock (waste cooking oil).


Hall 1, booth B10

Technotrans premieres the alpha.c combination unit for dampening solution preparation and ink unit temperature control with the natural refrigerant R290.

Also on display is the established beta.c eco combination unit with high-precision measurement, control and dosing technology, along with effective water inlet control. In addition, technotrans showcases a resource-saving dampening solution purification system that requires no consumables.

In the offset sector, the conventional and UV ink supply is a particular focus of the exhibition, with precise measurement and dosing. In thermal management, technotrans concentrates on its new ECOtec.chiller xtend with natural refrigerant R290.

For packaging printing applications, technotrans presents integrated cooling systems for UV drying units.


Hall 8A, booth B41

Tecnau highlights finishing equipment helping converters on their digital journey, adding new applications, reducing cost with automation and boosting productivity thanks to systems connectivity and KPI control.

There are 15 pieces of equipment on display, seven in its booth and eight in partner stands, including the new Revolution 50, RoboTEC and TecnauConnect software with enhanced connectivity, production monitoring, and performance improvement across Tecnau portfolio.


Hall 4, booth B41

Teknova promotes water-based varnishes and water-based flexo ink for various applications. The company also highlights products from the range of manufacturers it represents such as Baldwin, tesa, marks.3zet, Samoa Group Betz, Cheshire Anilox, IST-UV, LeadEdge and HB Fuller.


Hall 9, booth D06

The company presents its C3.2020 ERP/MIS software with templates for label printing, folding carton and flexible packaging - including extrusion. As a browser-based version, C3 Mobile enables viewing of the C3 client on the move with a smartphone or tablet.

Toyo Ink

Hall 8A, booth C01

Toyo Ink Europe Specialty Chemicals showcases an updated lineup of inkjet inks and its expanding manufacturing footprint and capabilities.

The group features its inkjet ink portfolio including water-based, UV and UV LED inks for the packaging market, particularly for labels.

The group also provides a preview of its next-generation inkjet systems and processes with the lowest possible environmental impact. This includes advanced UV LED and low-energy-drying, water-based technology.


Hall 10 / booth B21

Tresu presents the next generation automation system for the Tresu Flexo Innovator printing press and an off-line Tresu iCoat II sheet fed coater for digital printing as well as the new Tresu InkFlex ink supply system. The company also presents modular service concepts and genuine spare parts.

Troika Systems

Hall 6 Stand B48

Troika Systems showcases AniCAM HD Plus, MagneCAM HD Plus and SurfaceCAM HD, covering key areas including accurate 3D anilox measurement and cylinder and plate inspection, as well as addressing sustainability goals.


Hall 9, boothC30

Flexible packaging provider displays a CI flexo press along with the Combi laminator. Alongside printing equipment, the other businesses areas of Uflex, including holography, packaging films and chemicals, will also be promoted.


Hall 3, booth A33

Univacco, highlights various decorative and functional films which cover hot stamping, cold transfer, holographic transfer, and digital transfer systems. Its sustainable films are on display including the r-Lite series and Zero Virgin Plastic Carrier, along with its innovative methods for transforming used film into valuable recyclable materials. Attendees can see live hot stamping demonstrations using the Gietz FSA 870 Compact machine.

X-Rite Pantone

Hall 8b, booth A12

X-Rite unveils Autura Ink, a cloud-based ink formulation software package leveraging X-Rite’s InkFormulation software, streamlining all aspects of formulation, storage, approval, retrieval, and quality control for offset, flexo, gravure and screen-printing inks. With integrated BestMatch technology and the ability to better manage assortments, Autura Ink helps drive efficiency and reduce waste.

X-Rite also announces expanded capabilities for the PantoneLIVE digital color library suite. Private Library Manager targets packaging brands striving for meticulous color uniformity across their products and communications. With the new ability to add custom brand colors to the PantoneLIVE ecosystem, brands can leverage pure spectral values throughout the production process to reproduce brand colors on a variety of substrates using various printing technologies and ink types.


Hall 11, booth A01-A02

Xeikon is showcasing its world premiere – the Xeikon PX3300HD, a 1,200 DPI digital 5-color machine offering a 330mm printing width and speeds up to 70m/min, even with high opacity white. It utilizes a new PX-Cure LED HD ink series, to ensure high-quality curing.

Xeikon debuts the PX3300HD, a 1,200 DPI digital, 5-color machine offering a 330mm printing width and speeds up to 70m/min
Xeikon debuts the PX3300HD, a 1,200 DPI digital, 5-color machine offering a 330mm printing width and speeds up to 70m/min

In the flexible packaging section, the company showcases its Xeikon Titon technology, which ensures food safety even when printing on paper-based flexible packaging, meeting stringent requirements for temperature, chemical and mechanical resistance within these applications.


Hall 8B, booth A30

Xsys launches a range of new technologies, including the nyloflex eco series, Catena ProServX, and new pre-press software.

Xsys runs live demos of the award-winning ThermoFlexX Catena+ fully automated plate processing line
Xsys runs live demos of the award-winning ThermoFlexX Catena+ fully automated plate processing line

Other highlights include live demos of the award-winning ThermoFlexX Catena+ fully automated plate processing line, Woodpecker surface screening patterns for improved quality and reduced ink usage, as well as the expansive portfolio of rotec precision-engineered sleeves and adapters for process optimization.

The nyloflex eco series helps converters reduce their environmental impact.

The company also spotlights the recently launched nyloflex FTV plate, an LED-optimized, inherent flat-top dot plate, engineered specifically for the high-quality flexible packaging market.

Xsys also launches Catena ProServX, a cloud-based, real-time equipment monitoring tool for proactive maintenance and quality control.

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