MicroDynamics to showcase new Veritas features at InfoFlex 2024

The winner of the 2023 Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) Technical Innovation Award will exhibit its 3DQC anilox inspection technologies.

Left to right: Brent Zurcher, MicroDynamics director of operations, and David Roberts, chief engineer, at InfoFlex 2023.

MicroDynamics will showcase new Veritas features at the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) Forum and InfoFlex 2024.

The winner of the 2023 FTA Technical Innovation Award will exhibit its 3DQC anilox inspection technologies at the event taking place from May 5-8 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The 3DQC technology, including the Veritas anilox microscope and MicroScan3 analysis software, will be showcased at Booth 321.

The Veritas and MicroScan3 system utilizes non-contact white light interferometry for accurate surface profile measurements, and can inspect a wide variety of anilox engraving depths, shapes and sizes.

Measurements with Veritas boast +/- 1% repeatability, with MicroScan3 data results populating in fewer than 10 seconds.

Live inspection demonstrations will be conducted throughout the exhibition, utilizing anilox rolls provided by Apex International.

MicroDynamics will also be demonstrating unique system features, including their newly released wide field mode – automatically applied to all Veritas users in fall 2023. 

Microdynamics is committed to continually improving and standardizing anilox quality control through upcoming system updates, to be released with no additional hardware or software investment required.

'We are excited to be returning to the 2024 INFOFLEX floor as an FTA award winner,' said Brent Zurcher, director of operations. 'Our Veritas system has had great success since last year and we can’t wait to showcase its new features live at our booth. We take pride in the integrity of our systems and will continue to collaborate with customers to make the fastest, easiest, and most accurate QC systems on the market. Stop by and share your feedback – it just might be included in our next upgrade release.'