SEI integrates Vetaphone technology on new Labelmaster KyoJet

Italian manufacturer chooses Vetaphone web cleaning technology for its latest Labelmaster series.

Italian manufacturer, SEI Laser Converting has expanded the cooperation with Vetaphone by utilizing its web cleaning technology in the latest Labelmaster series featuring KyoJet digital inkjet engine.

Already the company’s preferred supplier of corona surface treatment, Vetaphone Web Cleaning is the latest technology to be integrated into the Labelmaster series that now includes a digital inkjet engine, the KyoJet, capable of printing CMYK plus white and two pantones at 1,200 DPI resolution at speeds up to 55m/min.

The company’s association with Vetaphone dates back to 2010 when it developed its narrow web laser die-cutting capability into a fully modular converting line Labelmaster. It is designed for roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet applications of a variety of substrates in the self-adhesive sector. The company integrated more than 130 Vetaphone corona into Labelmaster lines since 2011. 

Speaking for SEI, head of procurement, Raffaella Copetti, commented: ‘Having identified Vetaphone as the best technology for corona treatment, when we looked at introducing digital print capability to the Labelmaster line we wanted to ensure the web was in the best condition possible. By specifying Vetaphone Web Cleaners, we can fully integrate corona and cleaning into the Labelmaster with a single control panel, which makes life easier for the operator and improves quality control.’

Vetaphone Web Cleaners can be single- or double-sided and are available for narrow/mid web applications from 350mm to 570mm, capable of a maximum operational speed of 250m/min.

They can be mounted in various locations to suit any line configuration and web orientation, and the active anti-static system prevents any possibility of re-contamination after the cleaning process has finished. Moreover, the Web Cleaner can be linked to Vetaphone’s iCorona Generator, which eliminates the need for any additional operating system.