SmartSolve products receive APR recognition

Two products, 4PT and 3PT, receive APR Design for Recyclability recognition.

SmartSolve Industries has been formally recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for meeting the highest recyclability criteria for its 4PT direct thermal dissolvable label and the 3PT (thermal transfer capable) dissolvable label.

Both labels were evaluated using criteria encompassing various design features affecting plastics recycling. With 20 per cent label coverage, both products passed PET-CG-02.

When SmartSolve water-soluble label materials contact water, the wood pulp fibers separate into smaller microfibers and the water-soluble adhesive dissolves entirely. As a result, the entire label material can be rinsed down the drain per the same standards used to test toilet paper.

According to SmartSolve, additional testing and industry reviews have concluded that the label (adhesive and face) rinses off entirely during the recycling wash process, leaving behind a pure plastic granule. Therefore, SmartSolve label materials enhance the recyclability of PET plastic and broaden their reach and impact within the industry.

‘We are thrilled to be the first paper-based water-soluble label to receive APR Design Recognition. This is truly just the beginning of an exciting journey for SmartSolve in our vision to make packaging no longer trash,’ said Alex Abbott, chief revenue officer at SmartSolve.

‘APR congratulates SmartSolve for taking action to improve the recyclability of their packaging and taking the steps to receive APR Design Recognition,’ added Steve Alexander, APR president and CEO. ‘Recyclable packaging means less waste, more efficient use of limited natural resources, and more high-quality post-consumer resin (PCR) for new products.’