Smith & McLaurin launches recyclable wine glass tag

Eco Form is claimed to be the first recyclable mono-material wine glass tag.

Following rigorous recyclability testing, Scottish label stock and packaging provider Smith & McLaurin has launched the improved Eco Form, which it claims is the first recyclable mono-material wine glass tag.

According to the company, this launch marks a significant milestone in the packaging industry’s movement towards sustainability and compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Eco Form, claimed to be the first recyclable mono-material wine glass tag, has been redesigned to meet the dual challenges of functionality and environmental responsibility.

The product's development was driven by intensive research, customer feedback, and a commitment to creating technologies that meet current market needs and anticipate future sustainability demands.

The introduction of Eco Form represents a significant advantage for businesses seeking to navigate and benefit from stringent environmental regulations, such as the plastic tax. This newly improved product meets market demands for sustainability and provides companies with a competitive edge by aligning with regulatory compliance.

‘Our improved version of Eco Form is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability,’ said John Radford, director of sales at Smith & McLaurin. ‘This product not only meets the demands of our clients but also provides them with a competitive edge in a market that increasingly values environmental responsibility.’

‘We are proud to lead the way in sustainable packaging solutions that anticipate and exceed the expectations of our customers and regulatory bodies,’ added Pat Kennedy, managing director of Smith & McLaurin.