Beta Industries launches BetaFlex Pro2 flexo plate and image analyzer

The new product controls and measures 0.5 percent highlights at 300 lpi.

Beta Industries, a quality control company, has launched the BetaFlex Pro2 plate and image analyzer, which offers more profitable and consistent production, reduced waste and scrap, and higher ROI.  

Beta's third generation BetaFlex Pro2 delivers critical technical plate and print image analysis for the user at every level while adding new and technically innovative features, including 4-different focus levels to obtain sharper images inside the plate down to the plate floor.

It also features new electronics and microprocessor technology, field-upgradable firmware, new LED technology with more powerful illumination, and new reflection illumination, including RGB illumination from two sides and IR illumination for black ink separation.

The new transmission LEDs, controlled by the microprocessor, further improve inter-instrument agreement.

Other innovations include color separation and analysis from live print materials to obtain dot parameter measurements without targets, image overlay comparison to check sharpening between different stages, QR code-based workflow automation, and many others. 

‘Being the first to introduce industry innovations such as 3D Dot Structure Analysis to ensure better dot structure for more durable, lasting dots and highlights and runs with the original BetaFlex Pro, along with other technically unique features for enhanced productivity, make-ready and waste are greatly reduced,’ said the company in a statement. ‘The New BetaFlex Pro2 offers more profitable and consistent production, reduced waste and scrap and higher ROI.’