Nilpeter and B&R jointly develop new vision system

‘Revolutionary’ vision system that reduces waste, improves quality and minimizes labor.

Nilpeter and B&R have jointly developed a new vision technology with a high-speed register system that maintains color registration with precision, even when handling ultra-flexible materials.

B&R and Nilpeter have been collaborating extensively, particularly in their research and development departments, to explore advancements in printing technology.

The new vision technology is a high-speed register system that maintains color registration with precision, even when handling ultra-flexible materials often used on the Nilpeter FA-26 and other FA-Line machines. It can maintain registration during both acceleration and deceleration.

According to Nilpeter, the system’s microsecond synchronization between motion and vision ensures consistent print quality, making it unique in the marketplace and setting a new standard for maintaining color registration accuracy. 

The camera continuously captures and processes images in real time, accurately detecting and adjusting for any variations in print alignment, thus ensuring consistent print quality.
As a component of the new technology, B&R’s smart sensor contributes to waste reduction, quality enhancement and labor minimization in printing. The sensor, with its multi-color flash and integrated processing, facilitates precise color registration by quickly analyzing images and making real-time adjustments.

The job-reload feature ensures perfect registration from the start of each job. This feature is supported by a comprehensive job database that defines the specific criteria for each task, reducing waste and ensuring consistent high quality on all prints. This benefits the company’s bottom line and has a positive impact on CO2 emissions, in line with broader environmental sustainability goals.

The new technology also includes fallback systems allowing to detect the registration mark regardless of color combinations. Additionally, the system is fully integrated with data collection capabilities, enabling Nilpeter to provide quality badge reports. This allows customers to make informed decisions based on accurate, reliable data.

‘We envision a future where machines are either completely self-contained or operated by a single person managing multiple units,’ said Carsten Clemensen, chief technology officer at Nilpeter. ‘This approach not only addresses the industry’s critical skills shortage, but also guarantees improved, consistent quality with every print.’

Jacob Buhl, regional vision expert, added: ‘The groundbreaking vision system exemplifies B&R’s commitment to seamlessly integrating vision solutions into machine operations, driving innovation and redefining industry standards. Together with Nilpeter, we’re not just advancing printing technology – we’re revolutionizing it.’