Roll-2-Roll Technologies launches SCU6x web controller

The SCU6x, along with the Roll-2-Roll Sensors, offers web guiding, width measurement, defect detection and other web handling functionalities.

Roll-2-Roll Technologies has released the SCU6x Controller for web handling applications at Converters Expo South 2024 taking place at Greenville, South Carolina, US. 

This next-generation controller blends high-end technology with user friendly design. The SCU6x, along with the Roll-2-Roll Sensors, provides an integrated solution that offers web guiding, width measurement, defect detection and other web handling functionalities. 

The company is demonstrating the SCU6x live, along with the ODC line of sensors and actuators during the show. 
The SCU6x Controller builds on the foundational success of its predecessor, the SCU5, by introducing a suite of significant advancements. 

The SCU6x delivers processing capabilities that are three times faster than SCU5, significantly enhancing sensor response times and inspection efficiency. With ten times more processor memory, the SCU6x can manage larger sensors and multiple simultaneous tasks. 

Accommodating complex algorithms is no longer a challenge, as the SCU6x boasts four times more program memory, enabling more sophisticated processing capabilities. The ability to capture images sixteen times faster makes the SCU6x suitable for operations using large sensors, ensuring rapid data acquisition without compromising on performance. 

The SCU6x offers sixteen times higher image resolution, facilitating the detection of minute features with clarity. At the heart of the SCU6x is an upgraded 32-bit processor, offering greater precision and reliability in every opera on. 

‘The SCU6x has something for everyone,’ said Aravind Seshadri, president of Roll-2-Roll Technologies. ‘The faster speeds and increased memory will enable us to make wider sensors for the converting industry, which is one of the most requested features from our end-users. Since wider sensors increase safety, reduce operator error, and allow for quick product changeover, this is a significant benefit. OEMs will also greatly benefit from the SCU6x's ability to run different applications with the same controller, allowing them to simplify part numbers for their builds. Finally, the dual-rail power supply and advanced power management from the SCU6x controller will enable reliable and robust opera tions.’