Prakash Printers & Coaters install India’s first Lombardi Invicta I2

The installation represents the debut of the Lombardi I2 press in Asia and the Middle East.

Ahmedabad, India-based Prakash Printers & Coaters has become the first company in the country to install a Lombardi Invicta I2 press with a web width of 880mm. 

The installation of the first in-line press of this web width by any manufacturer in India marks a significant milestone. Additionally, it represents the debut of the Lombardi I2 press in Asia and the Middle East. 

Features of the press include the shortest changeover time, running speed of 300 meters a minute, and the capacity for value-added enhancements such as cold foiling and cast and cure. 

According to Vinsak, the press offers a small footprint, minimal setup waste, low energy consumption, and complete elimination of solvents.  

As a family-owned business with the third generation already immersed in its operations, Prakash Printers & Coaters maintains its position as a technology pioneer in the market. The converter delivers products to a range of brands in diverse segments spanning food, FMCG, cosmetics, and industrial. The company is reportedly doubling its capacity every year. 

The recent completion of a sprawling 100,000 square foot factory underscores its expansion, yet demand continues to outpace this substantial increase. Currently, plans are underway for the construction of an additional 50,000 square feet. 

‘Vinsak has been and will remain our steadfast technology partner in our journey of progress, as we persistently push the boundaries of our business,’ affirmed Prakash Shivlani of Prakash Printers & Coaters during a recent industry forum.  

Mohan Pailwan, vice president of Vinsak India, said: ‘Prakash Printers hold a very special place in our company’s heart. They continually challenge us with new converting solutions they require, propelling us to innovate faster and stay ahead of the curve. This drive to find cost-effective and sustainable solutions for them is what fuels our partnership.’  

Massimo Lombardi, general manager of Lombardi Converting Machinery in Italy, added: ‘India has always been a key market with a special focus, and Prakash Printers, our key customer, consistently drives us to innovate.’ He emphasized Lombardi’s commitment to developing new technology in response to the evolving needs of customers such as Prakash Printers. Furthermore, he affirmed their dedication to advancing in-line presses for packaging markets globally, reinforcing their position as industry leaders in innovation and customer-centric solutions. 

A decade ago, the label and flexo market predominantly revolved around presses spanning 280-330mm in width. According to Vinsak, the Indian market experienced a shift with the introduction of Lombardi. Today, the company stated, the standard width stands at 430mm, with approximately 90 percent of inline flexo presses being sold at this width or wider. Additionally, widths of 530mm, 620mm, and 670mm now command almost 20 percent of the market share. This evolution is accompanied by a broadening definition of labels, expanding beyond self-adhesive and wet glue to encompass shrink sleeves, IML labels, wrap-around labels, and heat transfer labels.