Durst updates Lift ERP Help Center

New version brings series of improvements and new functionalities.

Durst has updated the LiftERP Help Center with release of R10.8 version offering a new experience guided by an input and suggestions from existing Lift Software users.

The main feature of the Help Center, the ticket management screen, has been reimagined to give users all the important information. Some of these modifications include new resource library. From the ticket management screen, users will be able to access Articles and Videos, including tip and tricks, past webinars and release notes.

Users are now also able to view past and present tickets, with associated release notes and dates, future release notes and anticipated release dates.

Ticket Communication has also received an update allowing users to make service requests, raise tickets, track answers, ticket status and make modifications without leaving the management screen. Users can click directly into tickets and upload photos or videos, and update severity from inside the ticket. Messaging and notifications can be easily sent back and forth between users and the Lift Support team within the ticket.

Matt Loede, director of software and development sales for Durst North America, said: ‘At Durst, we truly understand and value how critical automation and streamlining is within a print business, and software updates like these are proof of our commitment to support our customers' efforts in today's environment.

‘We are excited and proud to continue to implement new versions of Lift Software driven by user feedback with specific features to make print service providers' lives easier, and their businesses more profitable.’