Siegwerk India earns Great Place to Work certification

The evaluation was based on the level of trust within Seigwerk and the consistency of employee experience.

Siegwerk has received Great Place to Work certification after an assessment through the Great Place to Work trust index survey.

The Great Place to Work trust index survey examines individual employee experiences across five key dimensions of company culture through a series of 60 statements and two open-ended questions.

The dimensions that were evaluated include credibility, respect and fairness. Additionally, the survey explores the dimensions of pride and a sense of belonging, which reflect the employees' overall experience in relation to their colleagues and the broader organizational context.

Ashish Pradhan, president at Siegwerk Asia, commented: ‘At Siegwerk, we have cultivated a culture that values, respects, and empowers every individual to reach their full potential. Being the first ink company in India to receive this certification, this momentous occasion reiterates our commitment to adhere to the core values of trust, collaboration and excellence – the driving force at Siegwerk that has enabled an engaged workforce, helping them to reach their potential. Our values have also been fueling our mission to partner and provide safe, sustainable and competitive packaging solutions to the industry.

‘It is a journey that has bonded us, not just as colleagues, but as a family united by a shared vision and purpose. Every milestone we achieve is a testament to the passion and perseverance that each member brings to the table, illuminating our path with innovation and integrity.'

As per the company, this certification demonstrated the company’s work culture where employees feel genuinely respected, valued and empowered, contributing to a sense of pride in their work and a strong feeling of community and belonging within the company.