American Packaging opens second digital packaging production facility

Wisconsin Center of Excellence offers digital printing, laminating, coating and pouching capabilities.

American Packaging Corporation (APC) has opened a second production unit of digitally printed flexible packaging in its Wisconsin Center of Excellence to expand serviceable order range, supporting the needs of smaller SKUs and midsize brands, as well as test markets and promotions.

For the Wisconsin digital packaging unit, APC invested in best-in-class packaging equipment and service capabilities, including an HP Indigo 200K press, laminating, registered coating, and pouch-making equipment, coupled with a rapid response library of stocked packaging materials, designed for order fulfillment in less than 15 days. 

This is a second location for digitally printed packaging, which also includes APC’s Iowa Center of Excellence.

This latest investment in digital printing expands APC’s serviceable order range, supporting the needs of smaller SKUs and midsize brands, as well as test markets and promotions and couples up with the company’s wide web, rotogravure and flexographic printing capabilities.

APC selected a state-of-the-art digital printing press with fast color matching, supported by in-line spectro and scanner, delivering automated and fast calibration of spot colors vital to brand owners, along with repeatable color-to-color registration.  

Fred Morse, director of digital technology and sales at American Packaging Corporation, said: ‘APC is passionate about our business, driving us to continually enhance our support of our customers. Drawing inspiration from this commitment, we meticulously evaluated digital printing and converting equipment options from around the world to select the ultimate combination of system capability, speed and color matching available, delivering exceptional quality and value to brand managers.’

‘American Packaging invests at an unprecedented level in world-class facilities, equipment and packaging technologies, so our customers know that APC is a partner that can provide them with flexible packaging that will truly elevate their brand,’ added Ray Graham, president of American Packaging Corporation.