Rongzhong invests in first Durst Tau RSCi in South China

Chinese converter cements its leading position on the local market.

South China-based converter Rongzhong has invested in the first Durst Tau RSCi in the region to improve its productivity, efficiency and print quality, as well as cement its leading position on the local market.

As a company dedicated to printing, paper tapes, labels and various high-end cultural and creative products, Rongzhong's substantial investment in Durst this time not only highlights its relentless pursuit of product quality and production efficiency but also reflects its leading position in the industry.

Wan Xinke, chairman of Rongzhong, said: ‘I am very excited about the installation of Durst Tau RSCi. This important investment not only marks a significant enhancement of our company's technological strength but also symbolizes the further consolidation of our leading position in the relevant printing fields.

‘Durst's Tau RSCi represents the forefront of digital printing technology, and its outstanding performance and leading technology fully align with our commitment to product quality and innovation. By this printer, we look forward to providing customers with more precise, efficient, and high-quality printing solutions to meet the market's continuous pursuit of high-quality products.

‘We are confident and looking forward to our cooperation with Durst. This cooperation is not only an exchange of technology but also an integration of both cultures. We believe that through our joint efforts and close cooperation, we can definitely promote Rongzhong's technological innovation and market expansion.’