IML is seeing growth rates of up to 8 percent as new molding technologies open up short run possibilities and buyers see sustainability and performance advantages

The in-mold label (IML) sector represents around 2-3 percent of total global label production and is growing at a healthy rate as end users recognize the technology’s functional and sustainability benefits.

In-mold labels can be applied to injection molded, blow molded or thermoformed...

One of Finat's six strategic pillars, sustainability, dominated day three of the association's ELF

Maja Desgrées-Du Loȗ, policy officer at the European Commission, began the sustainability day at the Finat ELF with an update on the latest plans for revising the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive in the context of circular economy initiatives. She explained her views on the future role of...

This year’s Finat European Label Forum (ELF) kicked off with a look at Europe-wide trends in the PS labelstock market and wider trends among European converters

Finat managing director Jules Lejeune’s regular annual review of the state of the European self-adhesive label market understandably focused on the all-enveloping Covid pandemic.

Ironically, it is largely as a result of the pandemic that 2020 proved such a bumper year for European

The European and Russian label industries are benefiting from mutual collaboration and an exchange of customers and ideas.

Both the European and Russian label industries have proven remarkably resilient through the Covid health crisis. As a natural part of food, beverage and pharmaceutical value chains, packaging and labeling companies have been rightly categorized as essential industries. 

The restrictions...

L&L sits down with Beth Smtih, the new CEO of StickerGiant. They discuss being non-binary in the manufacturing industry, the struggles of working during a pandemic, and the importance of company culture.

Harveer Sahni, chairman of Weldon Celloplast discusses trends in capital investment and consumption patterns in the Indian market. 

Particular focus goes to the bundling of in-mold labels (IML) and fully automated technologies. 

In this video, Bram van Roosmalen, CEO of Bandall proves the importance of reliable bundling equipment at the end of your production line and how it can significantly decrease the amount of...

Manish Desai of Mudrika Labels discusses the company's learning curve, automation in the Indian label industry, price rise of raw materials, plans of an in-house recycling plant, and return of trade shows.

James Bevan, director, Vandagraf presents an introduction to the anti-counterfeiting market
Beverage labels become greener and smarter

The global non-alcoholic beverage industry remains one of the fastest growing of all label segments, expected to grow from USD 378.38bn in 2020 to USD 410bn in 2021 at 8.4 percent CAGR. The Business Research Company estimates it will continue to grow by at least 7 percent CAGR to reach a value...