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  • 10 Aug 2018

Design agency meets needs of Millennial brand managers with investment in iC3D packaging design software

Investment in Creative Edge Software’s iC3D packaging design software has entirely transformed daily production for UK design agency Regen Creative.

The all-in-one packaging mock-up technology from Creative Edge Software has enabled Regen to meet client demand for an ‘immersive’ visualization experience while also reducing creative development time.

Terry Cole, creative director at Regen Creative, identified how client demands have been changing significantly in recent years with an increasing proportion of brand managers now expecting a more interactive design visualization process. He said: ‘2D is no longer adequate even in the early creative stages. Millennial brand managers want to explore immersive brand experiences. Photorealistic visuals that can be examined from any angle and in augmented environments are a must, right from the off. iC3D has become essential for every packaging design we do.’

The majority of Regen Creative’s design work is for the packaging sector, predominantly food and beverage packaging and point-of-sale. iC3D’s extensive range of technology features combined with the ability to visualize any packaging application, including glass and plastic bottles, carton, tins, pouches and shrink film, means that the team can confidently manage any requirement in-house.

Cole added: ‘Even on augmented reality projects, iC3D integrates so well with standard applications, we haven’t needed to out-source anything. With the advanced Ray Tracing capabilities of iC3D, visuals are of the highest quality while turnaround time has decreased dramatically. This makes such a difference when you’re dealing with multiple SKUs requiring many artwork versions.’

New product development and blue-sky projects at Regen Creative have been advanced by the wide range of technologies included in the single application. Cole noted that features such as iC3D Shelf Visualizer and Dynamic Backgrounds are regularly used for these jobs. A recent example includes the Innovation Day that Regen Creative hosted for Yossi Foods. The food producer wanted to explore sustainable, biodegradable packaging possibilities for a package of falafels, including options in carton board, flexible film and a biodegradable pouch. The team at Regen was able to design and import unique cutter templates into iC3D and then visualize all the ideas, showing the falafels in different environments, such as a shelf layout and a freezer cabinet.

‘There is no way we could have done anything like this before we had iC3D,’ said Cole. ‘It would have taken days of work to create digital and physical mock-ups and considerable expenditure outsourcing specialist services for the level of photorealism we needed. As it was, we were able to guide Yossi through all the possibilities and they could watch it happening and provide input on the hoof. Naturally, they were delighted.’

According to Cole, even though the all-in-one nature of iC3D was a key attraction when choosing the software, the team at Regen Creative have since discovered some features and benefits they had not predicted. The iC3D Opsis cloud-based viewing platform has proved to be one such advantage. It can be accessed via any web browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, allowing clients to view mock-ups remotely in 360 degrees and in real time as the designer makes adjustments.

He continued: ‘Another nice benefit is that fact that we get iC3D updates as they become available, so we always have the latest technology. Recent version updates allowing you to add creases and wrinkles to add realism have been a great leap forward.

The order was placed last year through iC3D UK reseller Hybrid Software.

‘With the speed of development in the packaging industry, for example printers are upping their games, investing in processes, new presses and adding further capabilities on substrates and embellishments, it’s great to know we’re future-proofed. To be honest, I can’t fault the service we’ve received from Hybrid Software and the iC3D team; the initial installation, the training, ongoing support and regular updates, everything has been seamless.’


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