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  • 11 Mar 2016

Michelman digital printing primers confirmed as compliant with Nestlé inks guidance document

‘Nestlé compliance opens the doors to new opportunities for our label and packaging printer customers.'

Michelman’s DigiPrime 4431, 050, 680, and its Michem In-Line Primer 030, have been confirmed by Nestlé as compliant with its inks guidance document.

Nestlé’s inks guidance document is designed to prevent packaging incidents and recalls due to safety and compliance concerns by setting strict guidelines for food safety, toxicology and regulatory compliance for all components used to produce its food packaging. The document refers to the Nestlé Packaging Safety and Compliance Program, and specifically addresses printing inks, lacquers, coatings and varnishes used on Nestlé packaging materials.

Michelman’s family of DigiPrime and Michem In-Line primers are used by digital press owners to improve ink receptivity, rub resistance and image quality on most types of paper, plastic and film. DigiPrime 4431 is used in off-line priming applications, and is suitable for most films and papers. DigiPrime 050 is formulated for in-line use specifically on the HP Indigo 20000 digital press and imparts a print-receptive surface to films for flexible packaging and label applications. DigiPrime 680 is formulated for in-line use on the HP Indigo WS6000 family of presses, and is used for flexible packaging films and shrink sleeves. Michem In-Line Primer 030 is formulated for use on the HP Indigo WS6000/6600 family of presses and is suited for most label substrates.

‘Nestlé compliance opens the doors to new opportunities for our label and packaging printer customers,’ said Dr Rick Michelman, Michelman executive vice president, chief growth and technology officer. ‘Nestlé is one of the largest food brand owners in the world, and does a significant amount of digital printing around the globe. Our customers are now able to pursue and quote on those Nestlé print jobs when they are using DigiPrime 4431, DigiPrime 050, DigiPrime 680 or Michem In-Line Primer 030 as the primer for their HP Indigo press.’


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