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  • 04 Jun 2013

Wifag-Polytype and Heliograph in takeover of Lüscher

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Wifag-Polytype and Heliograph Holding have jointly taken over the assets of Lüscher AG Maschinenbau.

As part of the deal, Wifag-Polytype and Heliograph Holding have acquired all intellectual properties, products, current assets, brand/logos and a part of the employees from the former owners XPOSE Holding Ltd and Lüscher AG Maschinenbau.

With these assets, they have founded Lüscher Technologies Ltd, which will operate out of Bleienbach, Switzerland.

Lüscher Technologies will continue to service and manufacture the former products XPose!, MultiDX!, XDrum! and JetScreen in support of the installed base globally.

Lüscher Technologies will be managed by Peter Berner, the former chief technology officer of Lüscher AG. Sales and service activities will be handled by the sales and service hubs of the Wifag-Polytype Group and the Heliograph Group in their respective market/product application segments.

The new company will move to Bleienbach within three months, with the added benefit of providing administrative, logistical and operational synergies by placing it close to the headquarters of Daetwyler Graphics AG, which is a subsidiary of Heliograph Group.

In a statement, Wifag-Polytype and Heliograph said: ‘Lüscher Technologies gets access to two non-competing sales networks of more than 20 sales and service organizations globally. Together with the integration of existing and potential new distributors Lüscher Technologies will have an ideal set-up to better serve the different markets and applications in favor of the customers.

‘After a long period of uncertainty the employees can now focus on customers and their expectations again and are ready to support the installed base as well as new requests and challenges.’

Customers will be informed directly about the new organization, contact persons and procedures in the next few days.