Covectra has launched the next generation of StellaGuard, a smart label and mobile authentication technology offering an easier and more accurate method to identify, authenticate, track genuine products and combat counterfeiting

Covectra introduces next generation StellaGuard

New smart label and mobile authentication to combat counterfeiting

Print Systems has launched Quicker AF18, a plate feeder synchronized with all Quicker C plate cleaners to automate the feeding and washing of flexo plates
23 Feb 2021

Print Systems introduces automatic plate feeder

Quicker AF18 automates feeding and washing plates after printing

Phoseon Technology has launched FireJet, and FireEdge Explorer near-infrared (NIR) lamps, offering significant technology advances for curable adhesives
23 Feb 2021

Phoseon launches near-infrared LED lamps

FireJet and FireEdge NIR Explorer ranges offer lower power consumption

Hubergroup launches Hydro-X GA water barrier coating
18 Feb 2021

Hubergroup launches water barrier coating

The new coating offers more environmentally friendly food packaging

Solimar Systems has released a new version of SOLitrack with several new features
18 Feb 2021

Solimar Systems updates SOLitrack

New online job control, proof and approval, and JDF finishing control

Accraply has introduced the Trine modular labeling station, an upgrade for existing Trine roll-fed labelers
18 Feb 2021

Accraply releases upgrade for Trine labelers

Improved throughput, changeovers and maintenance