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Campbell’s moves to flexibles for Millennials

Campbell’s Go soup line aimed at Millennials comes in a microwaveable flexible package printed with high quality graphics. The wise brand, which is offering six bold new options like Coconut Curry with Chicken & Shiitake Mushrooms, is promoting this new line wholly through digital avenues with the Campbell’s Go Facebook page at its center.

It is a launch sponsor for the Angry Birds Star Wars release, and is working with Spotify, a digital music service, to develop custom playlists to coincide with the modern flavors. Each time users listen to a song, they’ll receive a coupon. The brand is actively working to communicate to the younger generation’s passion for pop culture, music, humor and social lifestyles.

Together with Buzzfeed, a website that specializes in providing a live stream of viral content on the web, Campbell’s Go will communicate accordingly through Facebook and Twitter to solicit reactions and feedback from friends and followers. The soups sell for $2.99 for a 14oz package.

The demand for ease-of-use and high quality graphics on flexibles are delivered with this brand launch. And the use of social avenues in such a multi-engaging way demonstrates the new way for communicating with the younger generation. But it’s missing a key aspect that the group is interested in: sustainability.

As a Millennial representative I have to question the environmental footprint of the container choice. Some LCAs for flexible packaging claim the option has a smaller footprint than rigid containers with labels because of the weight reduction in shipping, which results bottom line savings. But what about closing the loop? The evaluations I have seen didn’t include enough information about recovery rates and environmental influence.

Danielle Jerschefske, North America editor, L&L


Danielle Jerschefske is Labels & Labeling's sustainability consultant.

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