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  • 14 Jan 2020

In conversation with Hernán Braberman

Hernan Braberman, partner and executive design director at Tridimage talks about Label Summit Latin America 2020

Partner and executive design director at Tridimage, Hernán Braberman, explains why he's presenting at our upcoming Label Summit Latin America 2020. He also shares his thoughts on some of the design and packaging trends as well as challenges in Chile and the wider Southern Cone region.

Can you tell us why you decided to present at this year’s Label Summit Latin America 2020 in Chile?

I am excited about the possibility of interacting and sharing experiences with the most recognized international experts in the world of packaging. This will be my fifth participation as a speaker in the Label Summit Latin America, which is, without a doubt, the main event in the region for the label and packaging industry.

In addition, I find it inspiring to be able to dialogue with brand owners, converters, suppliers of raw materials, equipment and machinery and design agencies. Together we have the mission to imagine and build a bright future for the label and packaging industry in Latin America.

Can you give us a sneak preview of what you will be speaking about in your session?

Both songs and packaging tell stories and communicate emotions. Everyone loves stories, but each of us like different stories. So, which stories do Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennials and GenZ want to listen to?

The task of designers is to link the heart of brands with the heart of consumers. In my keynote 'Design Playlists for Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z' I will use the analogy of a design playlist to demonstrate how we can harness the power of packaging design to connect emotionally with each of the four generations. We will find out what packaging design strategies work best for each group.

Each generation has its own needs and expectations. Packaging design offers a wide range of possibilities to appeal to consumers of different generations. In my talk I will showcase successful packaging design strategies through images, videos and songs that will reveal how to reach the heart of your target audience.

Tell us more about Tridimage and your role there.

I am partner and executive design director of Tridimage, the design agency that helps leading Latin American brands be relevant to new generations of consumers through packaging.

Combining brand strategy, graphic and structural packaging design and augmented reality, Tridimage creates and revitalizes CPG brands to achieve a positive impact on consumers, the market and society

I co-founded the company 25 years ago and has since spent my time building and revamping brands, contributing with my knowledge in brand strategy and packaging design.

Tridimage's designs have been awarded with numerous Pentawards, known as the Oscar for packaging design, Vertex awards, A'Design, Ameristar, Good Design Seal, POPAI, Estrella del Sur and Pack Andina.

Can you share your thoughts on some of the major design and packaging trends you are seeing in the region currently? What impact are these having on the label industry?

The shopping experience is moving to digital stores and social media. There is no longer a marked divide between digital and analogue life.

With less and less time, convenience is paramount in every facet of our lives, even when it comes to packaging. But convenient packaging doesn't have to be boring. Consumers want informative packaging and, in some cases, even entertaining.

There is no doubt that the rise of digital touch points is transforming the way we relate to the world around us, to brands and to each other.

Augmented Reality improves what we see by overlaying digital content on the real world. Suddenly, packaging becomes a storytelling canvas for brands. It provides consumers with an immersive experience where they can interact with virtual content in the real world. It allows even a humble carton to entertain or inform the consumer in ways that are magical and practical.

In your opinion, what are the label and package printing industry’s biggest growth areas in Chile and the wider southern cone? Why?

It is no longer sufficient for the package to contain and protect the product. Consumers are demanding that the packaging do much more: it must seduce, inform, create an experience and even save the planet.

Latin American brands should harness the power of packaging design to excite, surprise, delight, educate, facilitate, entertain and even challenge consumers.

If designing is thinking before doing, innovating is making tangible a better future for everyone. This is where its importance lies. The future is now and, to transform the world, ideas must become reality

Innovation in the label and package printing industry is a necessity in an age where everything is evolving: from where people shop to how consumers engage with brands.

From a branding and design perspective, what do you see are the biggest challenges facing the label and package printing industry in Chile for the next 5 years?

It is undeniable that the industry must face challenges to produce packaging that will save the planet.

If Latin American brands do not change their focus soon, they will not exist in the future. Companies must migrate to a totally new paradigm in terms of sustainability and zero waste. This is not just a trend; it is a movement.

We are witnessing increasing pressure for packaging to be thought about in terms of the environmental variable without neglecting it under any circumstances.

New generations, like Millennials and especially the GenZ, have the environmental commitment tattooed on them and an awareness beyond themselves. When they make their consumption choices, sustainable solutions are key, so they will be checking not only if a product is 'sugar free' or 'gluten free' but also whether it is 'plastic free'.

I hope that soon, more and more companies will realize that to constantly add value to their brands they must make a commitment to sustainability. Our goal must be to wrap perishable food in perishable packaging.


Hear from Hernan at the session ‘Design Playlist for Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z’, which takes place from 12:30-13:00 on Wednesday 11 March 2020. You can also read Hernan’s biography here.