A detailed overview of the process of label application
Metallic finishes and embellishments are favored by packaging designers for their ability to create a striking visual addition to a brand’s image
Exploring common product handling devices and controls used with automated label applicators in a wide range of end-use applications
Labels are assuming new functional formats, as retailers and manufacturers respond to demands for more information to appear on the product
A look at the types of lamination used in the label and packaging industry
There are many systems and methods that can be employed to decorate a pack or product
Qualities such as uniqueness, application of skilled technology and processes, together with other barriers such as high investment in plant and equipment and proprietary processes, are all obstacles to counterfeiters
Intelligent labels and smart packaging are designed to deliver valuable additional product information to us at point of purchase or point of use
Identifying label application problem areas and the effect on the label applicator system
Accurately dispense and apply individual pressure-sensitive labels to a wide variety of product shapes and sizes