Sleeve labels are typically produced from polymer film substrates capable of shrinking biaxially around the product when subjected to heat
Flexible packaging has been growing rapidly in recent years and replacing other forms of packaging, such as rigid plastics containers or corrugated materials
Michael Brice, vice president, sales and business development, INX INternational Ink Co and Keith Goldstein, chief operating officer, VerifyMe on Covert technologies: Inks
Identifying label application problem areas and the effect on the label applicator system
Metallic finishes and embellishments are favored by packaging designers for their ability to create a striking visual addition to a brand’s image
For decades, the most popular and widely-used method of decoration for glass and cans has been the use of wet glue paper labels
There are many systems and methods that can be employed to decorate a pack or product
Thermography is a heat activated print finish that can add a decorative quality to labels, packaging and other paper-based products
Understanding the many different forms of die-cutting and tooling for label converting
Michael Welch, senior product manager, durables (North America), Avery Dennison on Overt technologies: Tamper-evident materials