Intelligent labels and smart packaging are designed to deliver valuable additional product information to us at point of purchase or point of use
The dispensing and application of pressure-sensitive labels can be undertaken on many different types of labeling machines
Matt Burton, global sales director at A B Graphic, on digital print finishing
There are many systems and methods that can be employed to decorate a pack or product
Metallic finishes and embellishments are favored by packaging designers for their ability to create a striking visual addition to a brand’s image
Review the processes and possibilities of in-mold labeling
Thermography is a heat activated print finish that can add a decorative quality to labels, packaging and other paper-based products
Getting the most out of your finishing equipment
Interest in materials that react to environmental conditions such as light, heat, gases, pH and moisture is gathering pace
Figure 3.6 - A typical hand-held price gun labeler
There is a wide range of economical manual or electric dispensing and hand-held labeling devices on the market