Direct decoration can be defined as the application of unsupported liquid ink directly onto the pack or product
Intelligent labels and smart packaging are designed to deliver valuable additional product information to us at point of purchase or point of use
Developments in digital inkjet printing have the potential to revolutionize the product decoration process
Exploring the wide range of needs to add last minute product or shipping information
For decades, the most popular and widely-used method of decoration for glass and cans has been the use of wet glue paper labels
The potential of laser die-cutting and digital finishing
Michael Brice, vice president, sales and business development, INX INternational Ink Co and Keith Goldstein, chief operating officer, VerifyMe on Covert technologies: Inks
Linerless labels contribute to environmental sustainability, increase production capacity, reduce applicator downtime, decrease inventory space and enable the label user to cut out the stages of liner waste collection and disposal
Holograms provide a powerful visual appeal and prestige to products
A guide to adding elegance and a tactile quality to any paper based labelstock or substrate