Gold and silver foil in particular have long been used on packaging for products such as spirits, cosmetics and personal care
Intelligent labels and smart packaging are designed to deliver valuable additional product information to us at point of purchase or point of use
Understanding the many different forms of die-cutting and tooling for label converting
Intaglio printing (which has become known as gravure printing) is a specialist print finish which is predominantly used for security applications
A detailed overview of the process of label application
Labels are assuming new functional formats, as retailers and manufacturers respond to demands for more information to appear on the product
Tony Fazhev, business development manager, NFC Europe on Covert technologies: NFC/RFID
The dispensing and application of pressure-sensitive labels can be undertaken on many different types of labeling machines
Interest in materials that react to environmental conditions such as light, heat, gases, pH and moisture is gathering pace
Holograms provide a powerful visual appeal and prestige to products