It was in 1935 when Stanton Avery first manufactured the self-adhesive label, that labeling began to evolve from traditional wet-glue methods
The main film substrates used for labels have differences in mechanical properties but also in how they can successfully be printed
Dig into the main technologies, presses and suppliers on the market today in terms of printing technology, front end, resolution
Coatings are a critical part of the label value chain and have a multitude of functions
An look into different types of filmic labelstocks, their properties and market applications
FINAT's technical committee provides globally recognized standardized testing methods (FINAT Test Method or FTM) for the PS label industry
Offset lithographic and waterless offset printing are explored in detail
Examining the properties of tooling materials and the die-cutting process
Understanding substrates that can be used with each process, and the impact on print quality and print performance
Without ink it is not possible to reveal what is inside a pack, instructions regarding usage and of course who made the product