Understanding the nature of hot stamping foils and the impact on the hot foiling process
A look at some of the safety or damage risks when finishing pressure-sensitive labels
A guide to which ink you should use and when
Paul Lender, business development manager at Avery Dennison, on substrate selection and print quality
This article looks at the role of inks and coatings from multiple points of view, to build an understanding of how ink is manufactured, stored, specified, mixed, used on press and tested before final despatch of the finished label roll
Gravure is designed for printing fine tones with a sharp dot formation and offers high quality results on long runs
Inks were already being used for hand-drawn calligraphy by both Chinese and Egyptian civilizations as far back as BC 2500
Coatings are a critical part of the label value chain and have a multitude of functions
The main film substrates used for labels have differences in mechanical properties but also in how they can successfully be printed
Offset lithographic and waterless offset printing are explored in detail