Investing in digital printing equipment involves more than just buying a new machine
Christian Menegon, HP Indigo strategic director, on flexible packaging and the label printer
Examining the established testing procedures for both color management and physical resistance
Gravure is designed for printing fine tones with a sharp dot formation and offers high quality results on long runs
The shrink sleeve production process puts unusual demands on ink
Over the last thirty years there has been a startling evolution in both the equipment and printing methods used for the manufacture of self-adhesive labels
The trend toward shorter runs created a market for letterpress technology in label industry
A look at some of the safety or damage risks when finishing pressure-sensitive labels
Niklas Olsen, Global brand manager, Narrow Web, Flint Group on inks, coatings, curing and laminating 
Inks, varnishes and coatings can contribute or involve potential physical, health or environmental hazards if not handled, stored, or used correctly