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The core product values of AkeBoose chamber doctor blade systems are a clear function, clean design, minimal maintenance effort and low operating costs to make everyday life easier for the printer.


The NOVA Compact chamber doctor blade system is a compact chamber doctor blade system designed for label printing and flexible packaging printing, offering excellent ink transfer and doctoring performance. The slim chamber design can be fitted also in narrow assembly situations. The system works at its best with anilox roller diameters ranging from 70 to 150 mm and printing widths of up to 2000 mm.


The special chamber profile allows for almost 100% leak proof operation, while eliminating ink spitting at the doctor blade and back doctoring at the containment blade almost entirely.


Like all AkeBoose chamber doctor blade systems, the NOVA Compact works on a low contact pressure principle. This means slower wear on doctor blades and end seals – the result is superior blade life.


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