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The ALstep is a compact sized and low cost label applicator for self-adhesive labels, which can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines.

The ALstep series is available in the following versions:

  • S (maximum label width 100 mm), speed 30 m/min
  • M (maximum label width 200 mm), speed 20 m/min
  • T with integrated SATO thermal printer
  • E (lowest cost model with maximum label width 100 mm) and speed 15 m/min.

A microprocessor allows all the labeling parameters to be entered via a display and function keys and then stored in EEPROM so they are always available when the unit is turned on. 

ALstep label applicators can hold label reels up to 300 mm diameter (approx. 450m) on a variety of industry core sizes for extended operation.

The unwind and rewind holding disks are manufactured from highly resilient aluminium making them virtually unbreakable whilst the separate LCD control box includes an internal cooling fan which allows operation in even the harshest industrial environments.