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ALritma is a high performance self-adhesive label applicator for labeling applications where production speed and placement accuracy are primary needs. It offers a label application speed of up to 40m/min (or up to 500 products per min dependent on label size and pitch).

The ALritma is available in the following versions:

  • S (maximum label width 100 mm), speed 40 m/min
  • M (maximum label width 200 mm), speed 40 m/min
  • (maximum label width 300 mm), speed 35 m/min

Designed in a modular manor, ALritma includes a comprehensive selection of application options to solve even the most complex label application requirements.

A few of our standard label application solutions include:

  • Fixed peeler with adapting sponge roller
  • Spring loaded peeler with multi-disk roller (for uneven products)
  • Pneumatically driven peeler with sponge roller or multi-disk roller (for variable height or very uneven products)
  • L - shaped pendulous peeler (for corner labeling)
  • Air blow - with / without piston (for non-contact labeling)


On the very rare occasion where a standard application solution does not exist, we have the experience and expertise to design custom label application solutions or machine configurations.

ALritma’s powerful microprocessor controller provides the user with all the most common adjustment functions in one simple main screen. Once set these functions can then be saved for up to 40 product/label combinations, considerably simplifying and speeding product changeovers.