ARMOR is delighted to announce the launch of SolFree®, a unique Solvent Free Process.
Traditionally TTR manufacturing use solvents during the coating process. With ARMOR’s innovation, for the 1st time, a ribbon is coated without using solvents. Popular wax ribbons of the range will benefit from SolFree®, keeping exactly the same printing performance you enjoy today. ARMOR has made significant investments in R&D and industrial equipment to ensure high production capacity to satisfy the demand for such products.
This major step forward for the industry in environmental preservation, also guarantees long term availability of TTR, should local and/or international regulations impose some drastic restrictions on solvent consumption at any time in the future.
ARMOR solvent free ribbon will also enable the label industry to meet the requirements of the increasing number of end-users committed to sustainable development as they will be able to select their supplies with environmental preservation concerns addressed.