• With the aid of a support attachment on the rewind, the machine is almost uniquely capable of running 12.7mm cores. This is unachievable by virtually any other manufacturer.
  • Electronic torque controlled rewind system with variable tension control, meaning no inconsistent tension problems as with old fashioned high maintenance mechanical clutches.
  • Automatic roll compensation unwind braking - once the operator has set the correct tension he has no need to alter it again, maximising operators time.
  • Through the aid of the LCD screen the operator is able to manually adjust the roll end value minimising operator intervention and roll end wastage is as little as 1.2m

Probably the most cost effective, compact and robust, free standing Label Inspection Slitter Rewinder available on the market. It is fast and very energy efficient, with speeds of up to 300m/min running on a simple 13 amp 230V plug.

This Label rewinder boasts standard high specification features commonly found on more expensive slitter machines, such as automatic unwind braking with an adjustable roll end, reversible rewind & machine diagnostics.

The LCD screen enables the operator to set up the machine fast and efficiently, whilst the automatic unwind and rewind tension control system requires no operator intervention once set, maximising the operator’s productivity.

Bar Graphic Machinery Ltd