BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting

  • Flexible packaging
  • Labels


Over the past few years, BERHALTER has reacted continuously and highly flexibly to increase market demands,

and has introduced a number of innovations to the market. Alongside its capacity for constant innovation,

BERHALTER is synonymous with the production of efficient and customer-oriented die-cutting systems.

It specialises in the manufacture of user-friendly but highly productive die-cutting machines.


At the start of countless packaging processes

BERHALTER die-cutting systems are the most high-performance solution for efficient and accurate punching of

foils and films from rolls. Across the world, BERHALTER die-cutting machines are at the start of numerous packaging solutions, fulfilling all customer requirements. 


This applies to flat packaging lids out of aluminium or polyester, such as Nestlé yoghurt lids, as well as to packaging lids with relief impressions,

like Philadelphia lids for cheese spread. Deep-drawn aluminium lids such as those used for pet food like Sheba or Cesar enhances the extensive range of product opportunities.

But BERHALTER die-cutting machines can also be used to produce paper labels, for example on beer bottles, and labels for IML applications, such as those on Starbucks coffee cups.


The company has the unique ability to supply die-cutting machines and tools according to the specific market demand.



A BERHALTER roll-to-roll flatbed die-cutting system has been proven to meet all requirements in an economic way.

This highly accurate and efficient system for die-cutting foil and film fits perfectly into the most economic reel-to-reel production systems.


The processes before finally cutting the lid and label contour also influence the overall cost of the lids and labels.

Certainly the solution chosen should be the one that saves the most material possible. But the printing arrangement depends on the nesting possibilities of the die-cutting system.

Basically, only on a roll-fed flatbed die-cutting machine such as a BERHALTER die-cutting system can the optimum material savings be achieved.


Efficiency means not only speed but also increased output. This can be achieved by fewer processing stages as well as process supervision to avoid scrap.


The range of applications for BERHALTER die-cutting systems knows no bounds – BERHALTER systems allows both intricate lid and label geometries as well as a wide range of different materials to be optimally processed and die-cut to perfection.


BERHALTER will continue to improve efficiency and to focus consistently on the market success of its customers.