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New industrial label printers SQUIX: user friendy, reliable, fast and precise

With the SQUIX printers, the focus of development was particularly on an easy, intuitive operation, reliability and speed when printing and high printing accuracy. The SQUIX are the further development of the successful A+ printers.

SQUIX printers have installed the fastest processor on the market, a processor likewise in use in the automotive industry. SQUIX printers feature a 4.3“ LCD color display and a resistive touchscreen. The user interface is smartphone-like with direct access to individual menu items.

Print heads have been reworked so that exchanging gets even more user-friendly. 200, 300 and 600 dpi are replaceable on each device. The peripheral interface allows SQUIX printers to be equipped with all the peripheral A+ devices such as cutter, applicators and external rewinders.

SQUIX printers provide an I/O interface with eight inputs and outputs, individually programmable for any application.

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