Thermal transfer ribbons on a resin basis are highly smear and scratch resistant, but often they cannot be combined with all kinds of label material. Many of them only print on very smooth synthetic materials. This problem mostly occurs in connection with resin qualities for near-edge printers, which are few and far between.

Here, our near-edge resin ribbon resist NE represents a welcome exception! It is compatible both with synthetic materials (like PET, PS, PE, PP, and PVC) and with a wide range of paper surfaces. Nonetheless, the smear and scratch resistance and the resistance against high temperatures are as excellent as in other resin qualities.

A typical application are tags for high-quality textiles. The print created with resist NE is marked by high resolution, high contrast, a very good mechanical resistance as well as insensitivity to water vapour and high temperatures. Steam-ironing does not affect the tag's readability; the ink is not transferred to the cloth.

resist NE can also be used in direct printing systems and makes it possible to provide various packaging films with a print that even survives boiling and sterilisation without any problems.

Calor GmbH