CTC – a Quantum Design Product Line


CTC is a well-established manufacturer of custom engineered Unwinds, Splicers and Rewinds. CTC was the founder of the unwind tension compensator, now familiarly known as the “800C” and has over 10,000 of these units in operation globally.  Over the years, CTC has expanded greatly into the automation of virtually any web fed converting process custom engineering machines for automating the raw material, finished product and waste byproducts in a range of industries including tag & label, packaging, film, nonwovens, building materials, wire & cable, food, cosmetics, composites and a range of other applications.  As of August 2018, CTC is under the new ownership of Quantum Design Inc., who also owns the KTI product line.  For more information on service, spare parts or a new CTC machine, contact us at ctc@quantumdi.com or www.ctcint.com.