You can easily integrate the Bitjet+ v4.5 onto a wide range of existing production equipment, including web or sheet printing press, folder, folder gluer, rewinder, plastic card, bindery and wrapping lines.

Even when operating at the speed of the fastest web presses, you can still print text, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics on all media types with no extra drying equipment or line modifications. Bitjet+ v4.5 is the high performance in-line digital printing system that adds value to your print.

Mounted from a flexible 8m (27ft) conduit and with a footprint of just 111x78mm (4.4”x 3.12”), the print head can be integrated into the smallest spaces within your existing production equipment.

Applications include the pocket of a bindery line or between printing units on a press. The result is variable data capability that adds value to your production capability.

Domino Printing Sciences