The newly developed SMARTSCAN system offers simple and inexpensive access to print image monitoring in the field of label printing. But more than this, in fact the system is a genuine multi-talent: in addition to a video function with zoom, it also enables 100% print image inspection, splice detection and detection of missing labels and unremoved matrix. You can pick and choose the different functions you require and combine them building block-style into the perfect system for your specific requirements.

Thanks to a special illumination concept for inspections, not only can the process of setting up jobs be almost fully automated, but it is also possible to set up extremely reliable defect detection. The simplicity of the system is matched by the controls used to operate it, which feature a widescreen monitor with touchscreen functionality. During normal operation, the operator will usually only need to press two buttons after changing jobs in order to start the inspection.

Since the camera unit is housed in a compact enclosure, SMARTSCAN can be retrofitted with no problems whatsoever to existing printing machines and finishing machines.




Erhardt + Leimer GmbH