• Gallus RCS 330/430 – the industry benchmark in terms of printing quality, productivity and flexibility.
  • Modular inline press with direct servo drive; can be configured and retrofitted at will.
  • The various printing processes (offset, flexographic, screen, hot/cold foil) can be interchanged without separating the web or using tools – for an unlimited range of applications.
  • Minimal job changeover times and paper waste thanks to a very high level of automation throughout – for maximum operational cost-effectiveness.
  • Touchscreen operation with job data memory to minimise setup times and waste in repeat jobs.
  • Online support 24/7 for maximum availability.

The Gallus RCS 330/430 supports six printing processes and is redefining the future of label printing. The platform concept, modular design and high level of automation enable printers to produce top-quality small and medium-size runs cost effectively.

Extremely flexible and multi-purpose machine system for producing top-quality labels with high added value. Highly costeffective; dramatic reduction in setup and changeover times thanks to automation and direct drive technology. Flying Imprint – texts and motifs can be changed in flexographic printing applications without interrupting production. Maximum flexibility as regards processes and substrates, e.g. self-adhesive materials and top quality monofoil materials. Servo direct drives for all key settings. Format flexibility to ensure maximum job-related flexibility. Straightforward operation using mobile control panel.



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