• Modular offset press with direct servo drive for the highest quality requirements; can be configured and retrofitted at will.
  • Translatory web transport for printing in a variety of formats with minimal tool costs.
  • End-to-end inline concept, including finishing processes such as screen printing, hot foil embossing, varnishing and relief embossing.
  • Compact machine with low investment costs thanks to an optional semi-rotary die-cutter in the printing section.
  • Touchscreen operation with job data memory to minimise setup times and waste in repeat jobs.
  • Online support 24/7 for maximum availability.

The outstanding format variability and superb user friendliness make this system extremely cost-effective. No format-dependent printing accessories, short setup and changeover times and a low level of waste. Wide range of high-quality printing and processing combinations.

The Gallus TCS 250 combines a wide range of printing, processing and finishing options to suit all requirements. As a pioneer in the use of servo-controlled single-drive technology for the label market, the Gallus TCS 250 really flexes its muscles. The modular extendibility of this machine system makes it the first choice, especially for labels with the highest quality specifications. Employing translatory printing technology, the Gallus TCS 250 is ideal for the cost-effective production of small and medium-sized runs of up to 100,000 copies. The elimination of format-dependent printing accessories cuts job-specific costs, while the short setup and changeover times make the Gallus TCS 250 extremely economical to run.


Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG