The DC330 can work as an in-line extension to a digital label printing sys­tem, allowing the web to continue directly into the converter. It also works as an off-line converting and finishing unit for jobs from digital or conventional presses. It can even function as a printing press for specialized value-adding solutions.

Modular – Customizable to fit your needs, depending on the specific application.

Productivity – Adjustable repeat lengths from 2” - 21”; line speed up to 50 meters per minute

Print protection – UV flexo varnish station with registration and optional supergloss varnish capabilities

Integrated – Available as both left-to-right and right-to-left version that runs inline and is integrated with a digital press.

Green (Low power) – Running on 400V/32A with an average powerconsump­tion of only 8000 Watt.

Future – Fully upgradeable. Easy retrofitting of options such as laser diecutter, turret rewinder and hot stamp module.

Grafisk Maskinfabrik