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Colorsat Solo

The Colorsat Solo is a simple but effective solution for dispensing process colours, base ingredients and a wide range of coatings used in flexographic and screen printing, as well as in other packaging and graphics applications. This excellently valued equipment allows manually operated dispensing of one component (UV curing, water-based or solvent-based) in an economical and environment-friendly way. An air-operated diaphragm pump and flexible hoses are used to transport and circulate the ink through the storage drum. Re-circulation ensures that settling of pigments in the base ink components is minimised and that colour of consistent strength is dispensed. Since only a pressurized air connection is required, the Colorsat Solo can be placed in vicinity of the press.

  • Convenient means of pumping printing inks from storage drums into buckets
  • Easy to operate
  • Re-circulation to minimise settling of pigments

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