Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG



Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG has been a reliable and highly innovative partner to the global printing industry for many years. For more than 160 years we have stood for quality and future viability. This means that we are a company with a long tradition, but at the same time we help to define the future trends in our industry thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and innovative business ideas.

Heidelberg sets standards in the production of labels: wet glue, hang tags and in mold.

A perfect team.

Heidelberg offers the perfect team for the cost-effective production of in-mold labels with the Speedmaster XL 106 and the Speedmaster XL 106-DD rotary die-cutter. The process involved in manufacturing these special labels, which are widely used in the food sector among other

applications, is extremely demanding. Both the press and the rotary die-cutter from Heidelberg are perfectly equipped for this application.

Peak performance in in-mold production.

85 percent of all in-mold labels produced on a sheetfed offset machine today are already printed

on a Speedmaster from Heidelberg. In-mold labels can be printed on both sides in one pass with the Speedmaster XL 106 with perfecting device – which is unique. The Speedmaster XL 106, whether as a straight printing or perfecting press, also has various components that simplify the processing of the thin material. The CutStar roll sheeter, a special lightweight paper and our foil printing package offer stable and cost-effective production. The Speedmaster XL 106 can also be equipped with Heidelberg DryStar® LED interdeck dryers. Take advantage of these innovative technology benefits for in-mold production, too.

In mold labels for instance are used for food packaging, lids and paint buckets. The Speedmaster XL 106-DD works on the principle of the rotary die cutter, which offers a number of advantages over the flatbed and punch die-cutters which are usually used in the production for in mold labels. The Speedmaster XL 106-DD is ready for production following 15 minutes of make-ready. For production runs up to 500,000 sheets the cost of tooling is reduced by 50 percent compared to traditional flatbed die-cutting. Using the innovative components from Speedmaster XL 106 perfecting technology ensures precise align delivery piles without a single blank being detached from a sheet.

For special applications, the Speedmaster XL 106-DD rotary die-cutter is equipped with an innovative magnetic cylinder with extraction. The machine not only cuts out the contour, but also removes even the tiniest injection holes of six millimeters diameter or more completely and reliably. All of this in a single step and at a higher speed than previously possible.

The Speedmaster XL 106 our Peak Performance press has special options like thin material package through the entire press or a special foil kit. All this allows to print IML foils very efficiently and in highest quality. This makes the Speedmaster XL 106 unique for printing IML foils in sheetfed offset.

There is even more: the next generation of in mold label printing will also offer:

IML Performance package for up to 20% higher productivity

  • Drying Units (YYY-Units) for optimized Dryer Integration
  • DryStar® Advanced For YYY-Units for optimal drying results
  • Sheet Travel Monitoring Between Printing Units
  • Higher printing speed due to sheet travel optimized to the special requirements of IML material
  • And much more