Printability tester to produce colour prints with conventional and UV offset inks


Dedicated tester to produce colour prints of conventional and UV offset inks. Also available in a version with a 3-position printing shaft for three densities of three colours on the same strip.

  • High reproducibility
  • Simple to operate
  • Consistent results


The IGT Orange Proofer for offset inks, low cost & easy to operate!


For ad-hoc tests the Orange Proofer is the most efficient method of checking the colour of offset inks on various substrates.

 IGT has been very successful in supplying printability testers for Flexo, Gravure and Offset inks to various industries around the world. Because of the large demand for a low cost, easy to operate printability tester for offset inks, IGT has developed the IGT Orange Proofer for highly reproducible results in those cases where the tester is not used 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. For the heavy-duty applications the use of the C1 tester is recommended.


  • Printing unit with impression cylinder and printing disc, 400 g, covered with rubber blanket for conventional inks
  • Adjustable printing force between 200 N and 900 N, motorized set using push-buttons
  • Speed: 0.3 m/s
  • Inking unit with two aluminium drums and top roller for conventional inks



 Today many printers have their own printing ink kitchen where they can use the Orange Proofer to produce colour strips to check the quality of the ink on the substrate that will be used on the printing presses. In this way a quick check of the ink-matching can be obtained. For more accuracy the IGT Ink Pipette is strongly recommended.


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